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  • jjkotto jjkotto Jun 13, 2008 3:34 PM Flag



    How are they going to spin this when Goldman cannot find anyone to buy this?

    I can just imagine the spin about "better value for shareholders if we remain independent" or some other bs.

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    • Anyone buying this will see CFFO is still negative, and will remain negative even with the bogus income reporting.

      Great short sale candidates have little cash (ARTC does have lots of cash), competition (they have competition), outside forces putting a hamper on earnings through the price of a commodity, regulation or whatever (they have lawsuits and insurance companies questioning their practices), and most importantly negative cash flow from operations that masks a lot of potential problems (ARTC has negative CFFO).

    • Short BS:
      ARTC is guilty of insurance fraud.

      ARTC is a NON-PARTY to all the WC court cases that have been posted by Citron.

      Short BS:
      ARTC is guilty of accounting fraud.

      ARTC received a clean bill of health from the auditors from NASDAQ after the DiscoCare acquisition.

      Short BS:
      ARTC will be priced in the teens

      ARTC has posted 20% last quarter and every quarter prior. Stock price in the teens extremely unlikely.

      You shorts are in way over your head. All you have left is flinging BS on a message board and this is not a powerful medium.

      You idiots sound like those fundamentalist who preach intelligent design and young earth beliefs. You have no evidence to support your statements and you receive less credibility each day.

      Williams is gone, Citron and have nothing left and in case you haven’t noticed ARTC hardly wavered from their allegations.

      It’s over shorts so clean up before it’s REALLY too late. It’s over!