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  • seagram_turkeys seagram_turkeys Dec 8, 2008 4:37 PM Flag

    Bloomberg: Solvent by PriceWaterhouse... LINK

    from KPMG LLP, or another nationally recognized
    valuation firm

    The word "or" is interesting since KPMG is not the final word!

    It will be very messy indeed!

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    • Yes, but it's Teachers' choice. BCE just has to agree. So Teachers could argue that they chose KPMG and BCE agreed, so that's that. But...that would be a helluva tough argument to make in light of another nationally recognized firm says they would be solvent.

      Again, it boils down to how cooperative the buyers will be.

      Man, I wish they'd find a way to lower the price. The buyers would be much happier, the banks would be much happier, and shareholders would still be very happy to get high $30's rather than the current SP. There *HAS* to be a way to effectively lower the price without doing a new deal.

      Anyways...let's just PRAY that this story is true! ANd if it isnt', please God, dont' let BCE issue a denial before market open tomorrow! heheheh

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      • Accounting is an art and not exact science even though it is all about money!

        Given KPMG report to any accounting firm and with the right kind of incentive, a positive opinion can be obtained in a heartbeat by certain "adjustment", the other word is "creative accounting".

        It will be very very messy indeed with another round of litigation!

      • I have a lot of BCE shares and I would not be happy if they lower the price. You'll get your 42.75 eventually through dividends and share price appreciation. I can do without a big tax liability if the purchase premium is under a $40 sell price. A today price of $25 or $35 makes no difference to the share price in 5 years.

    • all a set up for insiders friends, to load up cheap shares before close..

      Teachers are a smart bunch..

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