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  • algeri algeri Jul 3, 2009 8:12 AM Flag

    BCE Dividend?

    What is the annual dividend for BCE in Canadian dollars? Every web site gives me a different number. I want to purchase but need divi so I can convert to US dollars.

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    • If u can't figure out how to find a co.'s website, you should keep your money under your mattress. :)) Can u trust the info on a bb?

    • goldinvestmentmanagement goldinvestmentmanagement Jul 4, 2009 11:18 AM Flag

      Dividend is $1.54 CAD per annum or $0.385 quarterly

      Declaration Record Payment Dividend No. Amount of
      December 12, 2008 December 23, 2008
      (Tues.) January 15, 2009
      (Thurs.) 101 $0.365
      February 10, 2009 March 16, 2009
      (Mon.) April 15, 2009
      (Wed.) 102 $0.385
      May 6, 2009 June 15, 2009
      (Mon.) July 15, 2009
      (Wed.) 103 $0.385
      August 5, 2009 September 15, 2009
      (Tues.) October 15, 2009
      (Thurs.) 104 $0.385
      November 11, 2009 December 15, 2009
      (Tues.) January 15, 2010
      (Fri.) 105 $0.385

    • The dividend right now is C$ 1.54 per annum.

      But I think stay away from this stock. Factoring out the Nortel hysteria and temporary insanity at Ontario Teachers Pension Fund and you will discover that this company has been lacklustre for decades and not much one can see that's gonna change that.

      Plenty of other Canadian high yielding stocks with better upside potential and without the moribund risk associated with this chronic under performer.

      Here's a little recent tid-bit from Stock Chase --

      "Traditional telephone providers are not going to be the winners. It will be wireless for personal communication and wires for TV sets. Cable companies have won that battle. Thinks dividends are safe for the next couple of years but questions if they grow. Would rather own the debt (which he does) rather than the stock." -- Analyst Lyle Stein 6/30/09

      Well I'm not sure I'd want to own BCE's debt (or anyone else's for that matter), but clearly the Cable Guys have been winning the battle. Not a trend I'd want to be on the losing side of.

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