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  • boblandry345 boblandry345 Sep 8, 2006 4:04 PM Flag

    BHBC is dirt cheap.

    I just bought 10,000 shares and will be buying more. BHBC is trading below book value and 10 P/E(foward). You get over 6% dividend while you wait .

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    • Hey Bob "BHBC is dirt cheap" Landry, how is this turd working out for you? There are some clueless boneheads on this board, but your posts take the cake. Well, you got half of the story right. BHBC is definitely dirt.

    • Sorry, I haven't followed this one for a few months so I haven't been following the message board... actually, I made (roughly) the same roundtrip you did - tripled my money in the stock after the private placement and sold north of $10. I've just been watching it for the last several months and have been extremely disappointed in management's maneuvers and strategy. The latest releases suggest more shareholder misery to come which I'll address in another post.

    • Hi,
      Do you have the date of the American Banker's article? It can be accessed at a public library after a delay. If possible, please post the date. Thanks!!

    • Time will tell if the loss of Kiley and the change of lending policies is too much for BHBC. Kanner and Amster are still significant shareholders. With a dividend above 6% I'm happy to hold and see what develops. It sounds like it might take 12 months or so to see where earnings and margins settle. Hopefully Raffo's disgruntled shareholders are weak hands giving bolder investors a good buy opportunity. They've definitely been selling. Microcap and smallcap stocks are more likely than larger cap stocks to be truly mispriced. This is my second time on the BHBC train. My first buy was right after the directors and officers bought all of Capital Consultant's shares in the private placement and then sold shy of 10. With the price drop from the all time high it looks like a buying opportunity to me. Sorry your purchase timing didn't work out for you.

    • The issue isn't the $20 million that's on the books now. I don't have a problem with the majority of what the company originated prior to 6-9 months back. It's what the company has started to book and wants to book from here on out that's disconcerting, to put it lightly. But, hey, maybe they've discovered a new way to make large-scale condo conversion loans in the late stage of this cycle that other prudent bankers haven't figured out. It's always possible.

      No, I'm not Raffo, but I know who he is. I doubt he would post on a message board given his status as a broker. I'm sure his firm (and every other brokerage firm) forbids it, for what it's worth.

    • C'mon, Bob. "Arrogant little faggot"? That's the best you can do? I was hoping for something more witty, with more panache. So, I'm disappointed... but not surprised. I must have touched a nerve to elicit such a veral response.

      Why would I be pissed off if this thing goes to the moon? There are no called strikes in investing, Bob. Like many people watching this stock, I have other positions that will perform equally well, if not better, even if this company doesn't manage to screw the pooch. Investment opportunities aren't mutually exclusive; there are plenty of other ones out there, so it's no big deal. Surely you understand this, right? So I can only imagine the origins of your palpable bitterness, Bob.

      Anyhow, you're providing me with a few minutes of delightful entertainment each day, Bob. And I thank you for it and hope you'll keep it up. But I'm also hoping that you'll get more creative with the name-calling. "Arrogant little faggot"? That's bush league, Bob. I know you can do better. Best of luck. :)


      Arrogant Little Faggot xoxo

    • I got the article and read it. A little gossipy for a trade publication don't you think? 20 mil. in construction loans out of 942 mil. total loans seems pretty insignificant. Watch for Katie writing for The National Enquirer next. Hey, kdrip, are you Raffo?

    • I am so glad you do not own any BHBC. I want you to be so pissed off as this over capitalized and undervaled stock continues to rise. You are a arrogant little faggot that knows nothing about investing.

    • Yes, Bob, I'm sure you're right. I'm sure that I'll regret not following the investment advice of a 'savy' (that's "savvy," by the way) investor who spells like a 2nd grader. Please let 'Miss Priced' (that's "mispriced," by the way) know that it's 'to bad' (that's "too" bad) that I'll never get a chance to meet her.

      The only thing I'm certain of after this series of posts is that the chasm between what you think you know about this company and what you actually know about it is large indeed.

    • To bad you do not have the foresight to jump in and make a few bucks on what is clearly a miss priced stock.

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