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  • raffidemirdjian raffidemirdjian Jul 9, 2008 10:59 PM Flag

    does anyone own cwlc shares

    does anyone have any idea about what happened to this company.. there are still some trading but no news and lost its value by

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    • I can say I am down 99.39% and doubt it will ever recover my money. Oh well, such is life.

    • if you say 99% of value, I can understand, but 500% is not a true can only have 100% value.
      yes, I have own this and keep buying it, hoping that sooner or later one Chinese company will buy out this one.
      CWLC don't have debt except officer of the company that landed to company for their day to day operation.
      now, they don't want to put up the money anymore I think..thats why they don't file and went to pink.

      I saw one more company that bought out, they were buying all avaible shares 2, 5, even 10,20 cent a shares (because it was not trading like CWLC)
      anyway, I will be waiting for buy out or new financing, or MM pump to move this up..will see.

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      • The CEO Pedro E Racelis III is also the CEO of a company in Honolulu. The name is Global Sales Strategies Inc. Now it is interesting that the phone number that Pedro had on his last CWLC filing whihc was the 10K in March of 08 available on the website for the Dec 07 time frame is (808) 486-5190, and that number is also the contact number for Global Sales Strategies Inc. It also interesting that Pedro shows up as attending a meeting in July of this year of the Hawaii Democrats, and here he was appointed a few years back on a government board since he was republican. Well anyway, give him a call if you want, I am not sure on rates for calling Hawaii...

    • Well, to tell the truth, I own 50,000 sorry shares I bought in March 2006. Am so far under water, doubt I will ever show a gain. Bought into the hype. Good luck!

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