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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Feb 3, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    One More Post


    I really laughed when I read the posts about all the
    new V.P. 's.

    Get this straight. All these people were unemployed
    bum's. Do you really think these, so called professionals
    left good paying jobs to come to a POS like CWLC.

    Good God !!!! You desperate people really love to make
    a mountain out of a mole hill. And a mole hill is a

    Good Grief Charley Brown. Look at the stock price this
    morning. The street is impressed, as am I.


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    • some folks like to stay hungry, look for the next opportunity to feed their insatiable hunger for success, dontcha think?

    • On the contrary, a person with a successful background is even more hungry to prove it was their talent that created the success. Few people stay in the same position throughout life.

      This stock is getting interesting. The big thing to bring any players is compliance with the SEC. Its costly for a company making up ground from 2008. They must have some capital somewhere.

      If they have the exciting news they say, then all that will come out in the coming days, weeks and months. As for movement, If you took something seriously and wanted to get everything right would you have them start the contest before, you had a winning plan in place? Before every player you relied on knew the game plan, knew how each persons interaction effected the chance of winning and you assembled people with the same intent? Or you can just file and hope and wish for the best with whoever you can throw a title on?

      If you invested your pennies, you have to decide what to believe is going to happen. If this were the original group that started cwlc then it might be harder to sit, but this is at least a new venture. At least it makes things interesting to check in on.

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