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  • surfntravel surfntravel Mar 9, 2011 10:34 AM Flag

    Cheap Shares

    I'm not a day trader whiz therefore I am not worried. Just the opposite, thankful they kept this thing alive to rise again as media exchange group. Given the fact they could have let it go the way you've been wishing all along.

    In fact whiz if you ever took the time to read the background of the groups they have assembled. Meaning Tarsin, 5000ft and especially Cantor if they play into things. You would probably quit singing your cwlc tune. You can't disregard that this combination creates some creative potential for revenues.

    As for a 100 to 1 reverse, I for one don't think a reverse is always a bad thing depending on the size, timing and news of the company at the time. I think your completely off the mark with throwing a stupid number like that around. It would be inflated to get on the board and not be stable enough get them where they need to go. So I am doubtful your right on the mark there.

    I am not going to guess where it will go but where its been is easily attainable including three cents so it won't surprise if you are proven completely wrong. You already keep changing your numbers.

    Bottom line, they are not compliant yet and the story is yet to unfold.

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