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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Mar 25, 2011 9:49 AM Flag

    Week in Reivew - Again


    2 weeks ago, or so. I posted about the week in review. You Know about how this POS was going no
    where. Well it seems right to post about that again.


    No volume, again.
    No price rise, again.
    No new releases, again.
    No hope, again.
    Non Complianet, again as usual.

    I really think you should take your frustrations
    out on this company and the clowns who run it. I just tell it like it is. Who was that clown who said 3 cents and millions of shares in volume.

    Good Day.
    Good Weekend.


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    • Whizoid, the week in review should be written at weeks end.

      I'll give you that things are moving at a turtles pace.....

      but I remember a story of a famous race run by that guy...

      What's your hurry zoid? If they are not ready they aren't ready. Maybe it's cash, maybe not,maybe its the audit process itself, Maybe one of the partners. The flip side of your week in review is that no one is bailing out. You have a pumper mentality that it has to happen right now.

      I would rather they have all the pieces in place, a great business plan to execute, great news, some revenue, and an IR person promoting actual happenings with the company.

      It would be great if they were compliant and finished that trek of the revivial. I'm sure everyone holding stock agrees but unless they build something with value and have it in place, the result will be a short lived. (I meant everyone would agree except you zoid, you seem to have no desire for your stock to increase in value.)

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