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  • surfntravel surfntravel Aug 23, 2011 5:04 PM Flag

    Pink Hell - Its RED Blood

    Whiz... are you one of those paid bashers? As for today considering the bid was a lot higher then $2.10 and the ask was $3.80. One could easily guess an MM is in the mix playing games with the price. Why else would anyone refuse the higher bid price of $3.10 to collapse the price? Games...Why would an MM bother unless something was going to happen?

    Anyway, you hate this stock in spite of the fact the thing you hated and the management went into a different public entity. It does make you look pretty questionable.

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    • No Sir !!!!!

      For about a year now, I stand alone. While all where pumping the heck out of this stock and company. I SAID NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was bashed and bashed over and over. Sad thing is I was the only one right and looks like my track record is in tact.

      TIMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!


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      • This stock didn't do squat in the past year as cwlc or MGXI so I am not sure what pumping your talking about? Where is the big price swing and news that would indicate that? Whiz you just picked out a name and started bashing it. It wouldn't matter if B Gates had fit his company into this stock, you would still say the same things because you haven't based anything on fact. At any rate if its a real company it will develop as so, and if not, it will keep sliding back. Right now there is so little volume and sell or buy effects the price just like a lot of other pinks. You could buy a share from yourself at a dollar and though the price will go there it doesn't mean the market will let you hold it.

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