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  • pebsdaisy pebsdaisy Aug 30, 2011 11:24 AM Flag

    Agreement with Paws Pet co

    The agreeement with the Paws Pet Company allows SVFC to enter the market for animals. The use of svf cells in the Vet market is well established. However, the ability of Intellicell's technological breakthrough using ultrasonic cavitation allows the Paws Pet Company to price their product ot vets at a significant discount to all the present competition which is led by VetStem. This deal gives the company nearly 6 million shares of paws if all the milestones are met. In addition Paws and Svfc participate in the revenue. There are over 180 million dogs and cats in the US. It is estimated that nearly 20% of them have arthritis. Svf cells have proven to substantially improve the animals movement. In addition, the same benefits we see for humans have already been proven in horses, dogs and cats. It regrows cartilage, improves diabetic complications and regrows bones. You can make claims and have only one lab. So this business is huge. This means over 30 million cats and dogs have arthritis and lets assume about 10% of those animals have owners who can afford the treatment of about $2k. That means $3.6 billion to the paws and svfc company assuming the vet adds a 1k markup. Google fat cell therapy animals and you will see all the successes. Paws adds a great online data base of pet owners and vets. They can market to them very easily. This will be huge for both of them.

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    • They look pretty flakey. Just an airline for pets making no money. May be a typical .PK to .PK order to pump stocks.

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      • I don't agree.. Paws had some excellent reviews from clients.

      • It sounds like its a win win situation as long as Intellicell didn't give up any of its stock to PAWS. Intellicell is the one giving PAWS the keys to the public bank for revenue. The formula is in place, all PAWS needs to do is mirror the moves that Intellicell is doing setting up processing sites for Vets in major population density cities with a niche of clients with income levels to afford the procedures. PAWs has no form of expertise in this area so giving any form of stock would not make sense. PAWS for their part picked up a potential revenue stream that costs them little in infrastructure other then organizing vets with knowledge of this field and managing the procedures within the franchise. I would imagine that those are the select target levels that PAWS would have to achieve to retain the exclusive rights in this field from Intellicell. If PAWS can organize and structure the model it creates the potential for a lot of potential revenue. That's my guess of the alliance.

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