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  • surfntravel surfntravel Jan 4, 2014 10:37 AM Flag

    Regen rent null and void deal needs to take a hike.

    Again I will say, this deal was bad for Intellicell Biosciences and really if Regen was run by none other then Steven Victor is would never have taken place. Trading $514,000 due in rent from SVFC for the CEO getting a deferred salary really gained nothing that I can see for SVFC. The CEO salary should be restricted shares in the first place. This Rent for deferred salary amounts to the CEO getting an immediate compensation of the office space that we ended up through litigation paying like $3,000,0000 - $4,000,0000 to Hanover for as well as a yet to be determined payment to Waldner. ( An amount surpassing the original invoice) If other Doctors are working there under contract to Regen then the CEO stands to benefit from those Doctors fees for office space. In addition under contract to Regen and Regen gaining the use of the Intellicell License, those doctors could be practicing Intellicell procedures with revenues going to Regen. Its a deal that needs to be undone. Deferred means our CEO will get paid his original salary somewhere in the timeline on top of the huge benefit being reaped from the use agreement with Regen. This is all IMO. Wish the company would step forward and start explaing where the ship is sailing. If I am wrong great but on the surface that is how the material reads.

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    • Have to agree. The people involved in this company seem legit. However, like many honest people, when they get involved with a public company, they end up needing a larger company to take over to actually get anywhere.

      I'm long. The potential is there. Dr. James Andrews is an ortho god, and doesn't get involved with any procedure he doesn't believe has clinical applications. Now would be a good time for Hershman to speak up, or shop the place to a larger stem cell company.

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      • I also see a strong young company with a lot of potential and cheap! But for how long cheap till news and new advancements? Anyday a company like this can shoot up. I think its a great long too if you can stay in long enough for its growth and accomplishments it may soon see and strong news as a result. They have a great industry and biotech field they're advancing in with their own patents. I look forward to watching what happens and develops. I like the company and its outlook.

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