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  • ss_spadez ss_spadez Feb 21, 2014 2:30 PM Flag


    All-aboard on the next train. Are you in or out?

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    Next consolidation @ 0.02

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    • I TOLD Y"ALL!!!!


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    • We just entered into the 5th Week of consolidation. The first week of March is the 5th week of consolidation if the stock could have closed at 60 micros we would be in the first week of a new uptrend. so instead its the 5th week of a consolidation.

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    • Dream on about 2 cents. Didn't you get the Valentine's Day present from Dr. Victor? He increased the amount of authorized shares to 3.5 BILLION from 1.5 Billion. Be prepared for a tsunami of shares hitting the bids.

    • Wow this is amazing. I cant believe that you decided to call a end to this consolidation. Even im not going to say the consolidation is over not just yet. I just dont think the stock is out of the woods yet. In order for it to be out of the woods it need to move much higher and create a double top atleast. You know even if the stock price moves up 20% next week we will still be in a cyclical Consolidation that began at 77 micros on January 31. It does not mater that the price is going to move up. Stocks moving up does not mean end of consolidation we need a sustained bounce in order to really call the end of of this Bearish move. stocks can move higher even during bearish moves. But i am in agreement that the consolidation is nearing a end. its just its no longer purely a down trending consolidation now its also has elements up up trending during this consolidation. Im not sure if the stock is heading for 2 cents. and i cant even guarantee on a double top. i do feel that the former intra day high of 0.0090 will be broken i just dont know how high it will head. Im not set up for a move to 2 cents right now. but if you feel that 2 cents is going to come by the end of March then im going to have to drastically re-evaluate this SVFC position and consider this as at least one potential outcome worth considering.

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      • @ss_spadez - I dont have a User acount with I-Hub. Can you just post a Link to that here?

      • My chart analysis is on I-Hub if you have the chance to see it. I'm posting under Y_RAZZ

      • I don't know if the consolidation is truly over but we are ALMOST there it seems. I've been observing the chart on the Ichimoku indicator and it seems like we have broken out of the negative trend and back into an upward trend (hence we have a green cloud). You also have to remember htat we did close @ 0.0061 afterhours previously ;) The last time that happened, we saw a huge expolosion in share price the next day. I think though, we are a few weeks-1 month away from penny land. Although I am worried about a few things as an investor, I HIGHLY believe in the technology, but the financials are a bit messy and dilution is worrying. But at the same time I feel very comfortable with Dr. Herschmann as the chairman of the BOD as he has a wonderful career record.

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    • Backing up the truck!


      Hopefully something good happens this week. Some idiot basher just posted a bad rumor on ihub. Don't want to spread it but it's post number 54602 by strategytrader.

    • trevort Feb 21, 2014 7:05 PM Flag

      I am long

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