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  • surfntravel surfntravel Feb 27, 2014 8:43 AM Flag

    IHUB traders conspiring to bring it down further on low volume

    Hopefully some MM will want to burn them today.

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    • There are a few posters over there who openly bash the stock, but it is mostly one moderator, he calls himself Big Bad Wolf, personally, I think that he might be trying to compensate for some other kind of shortcoming in his personal life by calling himself that. There are a couple others, one is a professional shorter. But, by far, the majority of posters on the SVFC page at iHub are very pro-intellicell biosciences. There are two new bashers who have shown up in the last couple of weeks, but they are so transparent that most of the regulars there now find them comical. I am not a huge admirer of investors hub right now, but it is where I started. I am very new at this whole stock purchasing thing and the message board there has been very helpful. No place is perfect, but I have met a lot of really great people there. Hopefully we will hear some really good PR's this week or next and this stock will return to its rightful place. GLTA.

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    • Next week is the 5th Week of consolidation for the share price. There is only so much more fear that can be baked into the future stock price cake. For instance by this Wednesday March the 5th's morning. At maximum i think the stock might touch 0.0051 a share to the downside . could even touch 0.0049 briefly but ultimately by Tuesday at 4pm whats going to happen is is the stock is going to bounce off of this support and close Tuesday around 0.0055 and then we might see a powerful rally on Thursday and By Friday's close we could even see the stock close the week at 0.0063. In the week to Follow this more buying on Monday and Tuesday and by the morning of Wednesday the 11th of March the stock could briefly touch 0.0069 and we will briefly be at a 3 week high. a minor pullback after the 11th and close the middle of march around 0.0065. from here we see support hold at 0.0061 for the first time during the consolidation and finally beginning the 3rd week of March in a strong support channel with a touch of 0.0075 and eventually another pullback and after that the stock will trend all the way back to a new higher closing daily high of 0.0081 before March is over.

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    • IHUB BLOWS - plain and simple

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    • Not everyone on IHUB is conspiring to bring it down. There is the same group of "shorts" and bashers who are trying to make it as volatile as they possible can so they can short it. It's actually getting pretty sad whats going on there... "Creative Interpretation" of filings.. Idiots who don't speak english just bashing... and the Mod's won't delete it bc BBW (a mod) is a short.

      There are many people over there who want to see this thing take off. Some to make money.. Some because they love the idea of helping people get better.. Or me.. For both of those reasons.

      I just hope everyone will do their own DD... Call the company and ask questions.. Don't buy and sell based on some message board stupidity.

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      • Wow Jessejszpila, those were kind words, Im a patient of Dr. Victor for 3 yrs now, I just look at this board sometimes because as outsiders, some of the comments make me laugh. Dr Victor is a great and brilliant man with heart, He gave me back my life. He follows all the rules re FDA etc.. the pharmas and moles would love to see him fail but he wont. You are right if they are in it for quick money good luck to them, but in the long run he will follows the rules and that takes time , I trusted him with my life, I have four children, that says a lot. . so agreed patience is the answer.

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