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  • elmagnifico43083 elmagnifico43083 Mar 26, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    It's holding at .0048/.0051 can anyone tell us the support and resistance?

    Just want to know how long we are going to stay at this price?

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    • support is 0.0046 and resistance is 0.0056. If we get a close today at 0.0051 we can begin to test resistance at 0.0056 like we were doing yesterday. If that resistance is broken then the stock can begin to test the resistance of 0.0061 on Friday or Monday. Irate at strong buy if you can get in under 0.0060 but above 0.0060 i only rate at regular buy.

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      • @elmagnifico - It does not need a strong catalyst to move up in price. The stock can get as high as 0.0070 with out a catalyst. But if catalyst comes then Stock price could reach brand new high of 0.015 a share. The only catalyst that could really put out is a future projection of revenue for the year to come. if that projection is several million dollars then the stock will move up to price in thos future earnings numbers. This is what happened with SPLI stock they began pricing in future growth and the stock went up very high and now its stalled out because its too high in price
        because there's too many shares. SVFC does not have this problem they have the oposite problem the stock price is too low because Company has not given forward guidance on the future earnings of SVFC. After SVFC reaches 1 penny a share and SVFC does not have its forward guidance numbers in its going to crash again because no one will have any clue to how high stock is aloud to go with out official numbers from management.

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      • It's going to close somewhere around .005 hopefully in the green.It's holding strong, but it needs a strong catalyst to push it forward.

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