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  • surfntravel surfntravel Apr 23, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

    7 days left

    To roll whatever they have out.

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    • The stock was de-listed off the OTCQB a few days before you made this post. Its now trading on the OTCPK. if it gets de-listed from this tier all hope is lost because it will be Rated as caveat emptor meaning buyer beware. Its already on the limited information sub-tier of the OTCPK. and trust me you dont want it to get de-listed down to the Caveat emptor Sub-Tier of OTCPK. time is definitely running out for SVFC.

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      • @athec_99 - me and you are now on the same team. but i do genuinely feel sorry for surfntravel. It is obvious that Surf is now suffering from a classic case of investor ineptitude brought on by years of getting his hopes up from not having the stock rally when he claimed it was due. This is to put it simply a case of a delusional state of mind. im not going to lie but there still remains a outside chance surfy could be right and that SVFC will eventually have a miracle and bounce back to a dollar a share but me personally i dont think its going to happen.

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      • Good observations necropolis20us. But watch out, you're going to get attacked by surfntravel for daring to tell the truth about what's going on with SVFC. Surfy thinks she has eminent domain here.

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    • Dr. Botox now needs to pull two rabbits out of his #$%$ - he needs to file financial statements AND the pps has to go to a penny to remove that PinK hue that colors his stock listing. Otherwise, YA Global can declare SVFC in default. And then what?

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