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  • surfntravel surfntravel Apr 29, 2014 8:13 AM Flag

    IHUB BBW done shorting yet?

    I filed a complaint to the FBI. This person has engrained themselves as a moderator at Ihub and uses the position to quash any sentiment contrary to negative on the company. This last weekend so strongly he worked in a frenzy bashing and then has banned any poster that, disagrees with his statements. Most of the positive posters on this company are now banned from Ihub. Very strange odd management of Ihub seem to let such things go. I have a very small position here but its that principle.

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    • He is a condescending little #$%$ who thinks has an ego the size of an inflated balloon. Probably been abused his whole life as a child and taking some revenge back. He even wrote some vulgar emails towards me and I filed a complaint to the IHUB admin (shelly) showing her a screenshot, but not to my surprise, she did not respond after that. This person or his hedge fund need to be thoroughly investigated as he is clearly using manipulation tactics (which are illegal according to SEC regulations) and like you mentioned has deleted posts which are relevant to discussion of SVFC that pertain useful information.

      Unbelievable that he is given that authority to be a moderator with such a childish unprofessional mind. I hate how he also lets shorts bash and post useless fear tactics on the message board, while long messages get deleted.

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