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  • surfandski surfandski Jan 17, 2014 8:04 PM Flag

    Cost ratio not favorable, plus a DECEPTIVE presentation.

    I am not an expert on this stock but I have done some reading and research. I think the problem is that the cost ratio vs laser is just to high. Based on an article I read (if accurate) you get 6 treatments of laser for $1700, but 6 treatments of Coolsculpting are $4500. Assuming that they are both equally effective, you are behind the 8 ball. I have asked women about this and they all assured me that they would put up with a little be of pain (since coolsculpting CLAIMS no pain, although doctors say THERE IS disconfort) to save $3000. And remember, the more you treatments the bigger the difference.
    FINALLY has anyone look at their presentation ? Go to slide 19. Their accessible market is people 18-to 65, with a bmi mass of 18-65 and HOUSEHOLD income 35K
    Talk about optimistic...actually OUTRIGHT DECEPTIVE.
    a) First of all the age should be more like 25-55. Anybody before
    does not have the money or this is not something in their mind, anyone after does not care, your dating days are over.
    b) Who on earth with a bmi of 18 really needs this ? more like 22 and up.
    c) And finally, the big one. Household income of 35K, are you Fkn'kidding me !!! This is the biggest bs of all. Notice that it is HOUSEHOLD not individual income, so they basically assume the entire US population if financially available. Riiiiiiight, because that is what your hubby is going to let you do after you both come out of the Walmart 2nd shift, blow 15-18% of your net income on your 55-65 year old love handles.

    So what is the final ACTUAL available population number ? Who cares ! Once they start lying to you right to your face with false assumptions, zip your wallet and move on.

    PS I have no position long or short on this stock. Just posting after careful consideration. I actually was hoping. Now all of the above does not mean it is not good for speculation. But am I going to post $100-200K on this. No way.

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