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  • markedtofuture markedtofuture Aug 25, 2011 8:44 PM Flag

    M&M Games ?

    Anyone pay attention to this mornings trading?

    Stock price $ 5.40 a share
    the bid was $5.19 and the ask was $5.27

    Stock price $5.19 a share
    the bid was $5.05 and the ask was $5.15

    Was that a chart paint job, investor milk job or both?

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    • MM's aren't playing on a low volume PK stock.....

      The volume is so low that there can be trades can be 10-30 minutes between trades.

      While it should be relatively rare, it would not be unusual for someone to offer up shares at an ask price below the last bid price and for the bid (offer) price to be below that. Eventually someone will put in a higher bid or a lower ask and buyers/sellers will meet and we start all over again.

      Not a conspiracy...just s strong reminder that when you are looking at a low volume equity that you set your limits and have a little patience if you want the best entry.

      Also a note that you will have similar issues if you part with some of your shares.

      Finally, the "parent" NKL.V has more volume and will typically, but not always lead Keep an eye on it if you are planning a buy or a sell.

      Personally, I find on miners that after good assays are published that the equity will get "ahead" of itself. Less patience investors will sell when the volume bleeds off.

      Overall, looks promising, but not one to jump in on excitement and bail on pauses.

      Good luck.

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      • My black magic technical indicators said to sell today so I did. Took my profits. I will be back as soon as my indicators say get in. Just by the way for anyone who is interested they may be announcing a dip back to resistance on the major market indicators. If the DOW drops 500-1000 them you will be able to buy this back cheaper. Really not a basher. If your style is to hold that is a good idea. I am going to try to buy in lower for a second time. Hoping for around 4.00. glta

    • Welcome to the "unheard of" stocks. Hang in there, and everything will be just fine. Nobody ever got rich investing in the DOW Industrials. You are in the right stock, now all you have to do is relax ;-)

      12 months from now, you will be very happy over this investment; dare I say a $20 stock? I bought GORO over 2 1/2 years ago, and HTHFX two years ago. I have the patience to wait another year if necessary, for AXU, SFEG, and AMYZF. They will all explode, just as Prophecy will. Every one of my picks has dont the "explosion" thing, so why not these?

    • Ever since this stock's inception, ScottTrade has shown the bid price slightly below the last trade price, sometimes as much as .25, and the ask price well below that. For the last several days, the ask price has remained steady at $3.50. The bid price has ALWAYS been higher than the ask price.

      I have learned to not rely on the bid/ask.

      But at least ScottTrade has always had real-time last trade prices, and Yahoo always tracks it accurately 15 minutes or so later.

      I am into conspiracy theories, but I can't find one here.

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