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  • fafufnikus fafufnikus Apr 10, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    possible shareholder action

    Alan, seems like we are already getting some interest in working together. I am addressing you in my message because all ofl our replies thus far are being shown as replies to sjketc..........which is confusing. I am not sure who you are addressing with your suggestion to someone (maybe me???) to take the lead in this effort----It appears to me that you and Jim---perhaps others, as well, are better prospects ---I will do everything I can to provide any help in any area where I can offer it, but do not have enough nuts and bolts knowledge to lead.
    What you propose re: organizing sounds good to me----tell me what I can do to help and if I can do it I will---I am retired and have time to do legwork i.e. communication, research etc.---my forte' is writing and strategizing and being a sounding board. Others may have more critical knowledge in the legal and regulatory area. I have no problem with public identification when that becomes necessary. I know from past experience that many potential members of our group may have greater concerns in that regard due to their particular situations but this can be accomodated via a private communications system which I believe you have addressed in setting up a private email system---and suggest you start to set that up.

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    • OK I tried to reply but perhaps because of the e-mail address I gave the message didn't go through. Trying again.
      Yes I was writing to you, sorry for the confusion. As we have it seems a few people already interested, I will talk to the lawyer that I have worked with in the past to find out what she recommends. I received a message from Jing, SCEI investor relation person, she has always been very good in her communications and she told me she was sorry as she had nothing to communicate right now as Management had not shared what they are planning on doing next yet with her but if there was something new she would let me know. I think started this shareholders' action will force them to show their cards at least it cannot hurt. We could even use Jing to let them know that something is going to happen or surprise them, we will decide when we have the necessary 5+% of the shares.
      I have created an e-mail on AOL, its name: SCEIowners, trying to write it this way so my message is not filtered. If you are interested to join, write to me at this e-mail and we can start communicating there.

      It will be nice to at least feel like a group and be able to react, take action or ask questions to Management as a group.

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    • waldoa Apr 10, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

      Alan et al--count me in as a collaborator, though with very limited time to do the legwork. I presently am long 87,500 shares and continuing to accumulate.

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