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  • alsense alsense May 3, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    If you want a friend, get a dog

    Something fishy is happening. I don't trust people who announce they are bidding the price up. Jim could have bought as much Scei yesterday as he wanted, and over the last several weeks, he could have bought under $0.20.

    Why bid it up?

    This, and other questions about the 13d group are raising lots of red flags.

    Also, was there a threat from Sino?

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    • jimsutter is a tool!

      BTW, I have yet to see a SEC 13D filling yet!

      Why not Jimbo?

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      • We are not going to file it right now as we are waiting for the settlement to be final on July 1st but the company and the Board have been informed 2 days ago that if after July 1st we do not hear from the company again, we will certainly formalize our group and file a 13D.

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      • =jimsutter is a tool!

        It took you guys this long to see he is playing both sides? He did the same thing with ABAT. He made up an alias called shareholdermeeting and was trying to drum up support to force a shareholder meeting for ABAT. He got busted when he forgot to change IDs and replied to me as Jim while being logged in as shareholdermeeting. It appears his routine is to threaten management and then get bought off and change his tune. I have no proof of this other than his many posts which clearly show a 180 degree turn. It appears he has done the same thing here.

        The funniest is when he has an attorney that admittedly stated he was giving advise from the COMPANY point of view and not the SHAREHOLDER perspective say he would advise the COMPANY to go dark and Jim spent days trying to convince people it was in the shareholder's best interests to see their stock price drop to nothing while the company failed to uphold their fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders.

        Yes, Jim... when is the 13D going to be filed? How many shares did they give you to do nothing and tell everybody they should just wait until July and see what happens?

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