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  • jimsutter10 jimsutter10 May 6, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    Day old trade


    What fraud did SCEI commit? It is real simple, of the 61 lawsuits going on 58 went dark to make life miserable for the plaintiffs. The strategy as more and more of these are starting to settle for very low amounts. The non-frauds will start filing as soon as the settlements are over. In this case for SCEI, I suspect sometime in July as the case will be settled on the first.

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    • Wow, how much hype can you cram in five sentences?

      You forgot to mention your claim about the stock going to $2 on July 2nd -- only 57 days to go! (Like the ketchup.)

      ...and that the reason you're not buying more shares now is because you have enough and you're satisfied to get $2 for the shares you bought before it was halted... or because you keep placing orders to buy at .25 but never get a fill. (Go figure!)

      ...and you will, won't, will, might, maybe will file a 13-D is because you don't actually own the 5% of the shares where you would be required to file one... but you might just go ahead and file one anyhow for the heck of it... and if you get a large enough group then you can organize to file a 13-D as a group... and like magic the company will somehow respond to knowing there are shareholders who own 5% and have no interest in acquiring a controlling share. ...But you'll all soon realize that once you do file, you will then be required to continue to file each time you have a change in holdings. (Even as SCEI continues to ignore you, as they do now.)

      And who cares if they ever file again with the SEC... because they were delisted from NASDAQ before they stopped filing... so that was clearly not the issue for the delisting... and then Weinberg repudiated its former audits anyhow... and just as clearly the SEC would not allow this non-compliant sham of a scam to be listed on any US market no matter what blather they start to file. But what the heck, you've spoken to Thornhill personally, and they assure you they did a comprehensive audit of cash! (Which has never been made public, BTW.)

    • Enjoy your lame duck investment

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