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  • jimsutter10 jimsutter10 May 6, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

    Asianvest posting a ton again


    What is happening that is causing him to post? He went over a month without posting here after the privatization announcement.

    Do you think has anything to do with the 13D group that is being discussed? I would ask him directly, but he doesn't ever give a direct answer.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Dear Jim,

      Why would you possibly care as to when, how often, and on what topics I post??? Do you believe my posting in any way effects the reality that the company is a fraud and has cheated its shareholders (with the aid of the slimy Weinberg and Thornhill crews), or that my posting influences the share price (and near-total lack of trading volume)? You do me too much credit.

      As to your assertion I haven't posted for "over a month," I have no idea what period you refer to, but I don't believe it's true, in any case, so what? There were a few weeks in late Feb that I saw nothing worth commenting on here, but I can't see why you would notice that nor infer some deep meaning to it. (And there was no "privatization announcement" -- there was some posting in Chinese on January 22 that vaguely alluded to privatization, but far from an announcement.)

      Personally, I think you're just freaking out because once again the website has been suspended, which means unless they file something with the SEC (and they haven't in over half a year now) there is no longer any way they can publicly communicate with US investors. And that really hurts your ability to spin a story that this is an innocently maligned company just waiting to make good.... and disarms your chances to pump up the share price and volume so your buddies can sell their all-but-worthless shares before the NV corporate charter is revoked and all trading ceases.

      As for the 13-D: yes please file! I'm begging you. I'm groveling. I'd love to see a 13-D and know who controls 5% of the stock. (I'm skeptical that it will impact the management's ignoring you, but I'd still like to see a filing.) You are the one who first started threatening to file, as if that would scare SCEI (or more likely you hoped it would encourage some ignorant dupes to buy shares and bit up the price), and you're the one who keeps making excuses for not filing. So put up or...

    • Lawsuit papers arrived over the weekend, thats what brought me back and probably the same for AV..

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