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  • asianvest asianvest May 7, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    1 step forward, 2.5 steps back...

    Today's trading so far:

    9:58 1000 @ .20
    10:12 400 @ .25
    10:15 1000 @ .20
    10:20 400 @ .25
    10:24 1000 @ .20
    10:31 400 @ .25

    Net = 3,000 shares sold @ .20 & 1,200 bought at .25

    (Note the large spreads!)

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    • And once again, today:

      10:20 1000 @ .20
      10:26 400 @ .25

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      • ... and again. Over 3000 at .20 immediately followed by a couple hundred at .25 to offer an illusion. Anybody with half a brain knows it takes .15 to .17 to sell medium volume now and .10 to sell bigger volume, yet they are trying hard to hold an illusion of .25. Funny this two-bit stock is trading at two bits.

        So much money being made this year and people will still sit on dead money for a known fraud. Just amazing.

        To whoever is buying at .25... if you truly want to accumulate a lot of shares, I have a proposition for you. Do you want 100K? 200K? If you put in a buy order with a limit of .24 all or none for 200K and I put in a short sale at limit .23 for 200K all or none, we should get matched. You will save $2,000. I will seriously consider it and do some more DD if you want to make the trade.

    • And here we go again, today:

      10:20 1000 @ .17
      10:24 400 @ .25

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      • Isn't it amazing they say they want to accumulate cheap shares yet they follow every drop with a small buy at 30% to 100% higher? It wasn't that long ago every .10 trade was followed by a 100 share buy at .20. Then it was every .15 share sell was followed by a 100 share buy. Then Jim announces the arbitrary number of .25 is where he would hold it.

        If they really want to accumulate shares, why wouldn't they just let it go back to .08 and accumulate at .10? Pretty strange. Makes you wonder what the real motives are. It certainly isn't to accumulate shares as cheaply as possible.

        The same people are manipulating ABAT, also. Both stocks were trading at .20 until the word went out to hold them at .25. ABAT went from .20 to .25 the exact same time as SCEI. Realdunce put out word that he was promised by the company that they would be releasing information within 10 days. That period ended last Friday. He pumped it on iHub and here. Of course nothing happened. He probably is selling off both SCEI and ABAT and needed one more pump. Very strange people, indeed. Both stocks are dead, yet they spend all this time trying to pump for pennies when there are so many good opportunities out there.

        Their losses are just as great from the lost opportunities over the past years they have been pumping these scams as well as their losses on the stocks themselves.

      • How observant of you! You're obviously one step ahead of the rest! Tard

    • Who cares, like has been said before, nothing will happen until after July 1. There is currently nothing to trade on. People are holding. Again, why do you care. Get off the board if you have nothing constructive to add

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