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    I assume your honest. Just wanted to know you're thoughts on the outcoming group filing.

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    • Jim, I want to apologize for the drubbing from Awk's posse when you mentioned my name in a civil tone. (Though I tried to warn you.)

      They are a very delusional and aggressive lot, and see things only in black-and-white (you're either with us, or the enemy). I suspect Awk has lived an exceptionally sheltered life, and is not apparently used to being contradicted. (He also appears to harbor a lot of barely-suppressed anger towards women... which he seemingly projects on strangers to justify his overwhelming feelings of rage. Probably repressed anger towards his mother.)

      Anyhow, you didn't deserve that backlash. I still look forward to the 13-D or whatever public actions you all take. Hopefully you will have Ren on the run.

    • jimsutter10 you assume wrong. Stop kissing AV's #$%$. He has had a personal agenda from day one.

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      • =He has had a personal agenda from day one.

        I haven't seen that, but what if he has a personal agenda? Are you another of those that thinks motives change facts? I have seen a lot of these boards and they are filled with failed investors who personally attack anybody that disagrees with them instead of verifying the information they present.

        Don't believe anybody on these boards. Motives have nothing to do with it. There are a lot of people that are just plain clueless and don't know what they are talking about. Verify everything.

        So tell me... what has he presented that you disagree with? Have you ever taken the information he has presented and given a cogent argument debunking him while supplying your supporting documentation or have you always just attacked him personally... "from day one"?

        He appears to be knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise. It also appears he is casting pearls before swine, but that is another story. I'll bet there are a lot of people that began doing some DD and verified the contrarian argument he presented and ran. I'll bet they are thanking him now while people like you vilify those who have been right all along.

    • Jim, I am honest -- I think my posts bear that out -- but not sure why/what you're asking me. It's a nuanced question, and deserves a thoughtful answer, but give me a little time.

      Since I've been clear that I think the company intentionally defrauded shareholders from the start, clearly I don't think a 13-D filing will result in getting any compensation. But I do think it's an interesting development and wish you all good luck. (I'm not entirely convinced you actually will file the form -- I wouldn't waste the money if it were me -- but you've all been threatening so often to do so that to not file would be a bit of a letdown.) Getting 15% of the shareholders to access the Corporate records in Nevada might be a more logical step... if you can get that many shares to go along.

      Anyhow, are you willing to risk the wrath of Awk and the board to engage me in civil discussion? (I see you already got two thumbs down simply for asking the question.)

      Awk is a bit of a loose cannon. He's been yapping at me for years now to stop posting. Sadly, he has also managed to harass some others to stop posting with more success. He uses the lame argument that the only people with valid opinions are those who currently own shares (I mean, hey, why would anyone care what a former shareholder thinks? That might present a differing opinion... can't have that on a public discussion board!). There was one poster here (I know who it was) who had visited the company in China and believed the story. But once he did some more research, and decided to sell his holdings, Awk went to work getting him to stop posting the reasons that lead him to change his investment decision. We're all sorrier for that lack of informed opinion.

      p.s. I do find it odd that your group plans to file a 13-D as a way to get SCEI to resume SEC filings (we can all agree they have failed in that requirement) -- but you also maintain the company is legit, and its US accomplices are honorable. Curious.

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