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    Wasn't Mr Benning 69 last year? I thought it was mandatory for "all active" Woodward executive officers to retire by age 70 and no later.

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    • Of course WG is having record profits now. That happens when companies start hiring temp. workers only, and wipeout (current and retired) employee benifits.

    • The faster a company grows the more often some reorganization is needed.

    • GE has approached Woodward Governor a few times over the years about a buyout. There has been at least "two" company reorganizations in the last 8 years, how many more before WG gets it right.

    • Kenya, I dont only drink the Kool-Aid I help make it everyday. You are the one NOT looking at the big picture. Check the headlines today about Woodward signing an agreement for the LEAP-X engine. I still think you have no idea what you are posting, sorry.

    • Gosh Mr. Turbine Lab Tech, thanks for joining in and pointing things out to me. With insight such as yours Mr. Gendron should invite you to the next WWD business analysis meeting. Let’s see if I understand what you are saying. Woodward expanded their Research & Development facility to support the JSF program, and helicopters? Wow helicopters big opportunity there. Lot’s of fleets of helicopters aren’t there? And the F35 program - isn’t that program about 15 years old already? Does anyone think really they will not be scaling that program back to 1/3 of the original 3000 airframes? Why would you be doing research and development on a program that you have already won unless of course you seriously under-bid the job and your R&D focus is on reducing your cost as opposed to producing something new for the next fighter system (polishing the cannon ball?). If WWD hasn’t factored in business from the JSF program into their long range sales forecasts then they aren’t very good businessmen are they?

      Mr Tech, I have no axe to grind I’m just watching from a competitive position and I get a kick out of reading and commenting on Mr. Open2hear, who appears to be, as I previously stated, a publicist for WWD. In open2hear’s post I commented on his/her writing that Mr. Benning has “completed his purposes with the company regarding the airframe operations and now it will be up to Marty Glass to grow that segment of the business”. I only asked what he thought Mr. Benning’s purpose was and what made him think that Mr. Glass was going to be able to grow a group called Airframe Systems. Does the investment community really believe that WWD can be an Airframe Systems House? Do you think Moog, Eaton, Honeywell et al are ready to give up any market share in Airframe Systems to WWD? Again my question is how is Mr Glass going to grow Airframe System. Quit drinking the KoolAid kid and look at the really big picture.

    • He is in June of this year..Martin Glass is taking his place...More Changes

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