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  • cfulkson41 cfulkson41 Aug 31, 2012 4:35 PM Flag

    On the move

    Does Tom want to move the entire Fort collins plant, Or just the corporate offices?

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    • I didn't mention the word "expansion" I said. Is Tom going to close the "entire facility" and operations (which includes the corporate offices) at Its current location on 1000 E. Drake road in Fort Collins? Where It's been since 1965, and move It all to a "different" location In Fort Collins. Which ironically, is practically just down the street from where Earl Martin first moved the Industrial division to Fort Collins from Rockford in 1955. Or just move the corporate offices ( which may include more space for operations "on top" of the current location on Drake road)?

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      • When Cal Covert built the Loveland plant, you didn't argue with him. When Tom Gendron moves corporate "again", 3 miles north of Drake Road you're not going to argue with him.

      • Neither. The Fort Collins plant will stay, a new facility will open - somewhere, and corporate will stay where it is until Tom leaves and someone from Rockford reinherits the CEO position. If anything closes it will be the Loveland facility, which never should have been built to begin with. What makes you believe the Fort Collins plant would close or otherwise change? The location "just down the street" (it's really over a mile from there) from the original FC office is just one of at least four locations they're looking at. They only publicized it because the city was going to go public with it to start getting input. The other sites are being kept close to the vest for now.

    • Where are y'all getting the idea that there will be no expansion in Colorado? They are still actively looking at expansion sites in northern Colorado. There are no plans that anyone has mentioned that would move corporate out of Fort Collins, let alone move the entire plant.

    • If your referring to the new facility in Loves Park, my guess is that it will be required first to meet manufacturing needs for the Aircraft group which will more than double todays production and then for future aircraft engineers etc. to work on all the won contracts on the table. If the Colorado group is able to increase their orders to the same extent I'm sure they will need more space in Colorado as well. Where the Corporate headquarters will be in 5 years who knows for sure.

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