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  • the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 Jul 20, 2003 9:50 AM Flag

    Pony Puke relax on Kobe please!

    You are already to try,convict, and throw him in jail for 20 years and you have NOT even heard 1 thing from Kobe yet. All you have heard so far is that he admitted they had CONSENSUAL sex and then for some reason this psycho girl freaked out and went down to the police station to say he raped her, especially knowing they had just had consensual sex and there was semen all over her. Another thing you might want to do PUKE is check into this girls past, she has a history of doing stuff like this and she is no stranger from the pooolice coming to her house to settle down domestic disturbances, sounds like a credibility problem for her right off the bat!

    I figure she said she was tired of being the hotel peon and wanted to cash in on a big pay day by pulling such a stunt. He will probably end up having to settle with her for A million to get her out of his life and drop the charges.

    The DA must have her on the stand to win any case and she is to big of a loser to pass up a $1 Million pay day in exchange for her testimony.

    The man is innocent and I dont even expect there will be a trial, she will have 2nd thoughts right after she agrees on a big out of court settlement to just let the whole thing die down.

    Watch and Learn




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    • the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 Jul 22, 2003 10:26 AM Flag

      here we go again with your Stupidity. I NEVER said she couldnt be compelled to testify. I did say she could have very "selective" memory about what happened if they forced her to testify against her will. She is going to take the money and run LIKE A LOSER SHE IS! That is all she was after from the very start. She went up to his room at 11 o'clock with "room service" well after room service was closed, that alone is going to kill her testimony that Kobe forced her to do anything.

      She showed up on his doorstep and came on to him and then after they had CONSENSUAL SEX and he told her to get out and nice knowing her she decided to go off the deep end which she seems to have a bad habit of doing in the last few years and made all this crap up. Her credibilty will kill her not to mention she went to his room UN-INVITED posing as ROOM SERVICE which was closed. Her case is a joke and they have no chance of winning, you can take that to the bank!

      Watch and Learn


    • SLIME, she is not the defendant and CAN be compelled to testify or GO TO JAIL! She can be given immunity and FORCED to testify if the DA chooses.

    • Slim said ---(absolutely zilch credibility)

      Well, we gotta admit it. Slim is an EXPERT on zilch credibility.

    • the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 Jul 22, 2003 9:53 AM Flag

      I have never once said she HAD to testify YOU ROOKIE, I said that choice is hers. If she fails to elect her choice to testify there is NO WAY the DA has a snowballs chance in hell of winning!

      Watch and Learn and the question is does she take the 5th and lose the case or does she get on the stand and get totally humilated in the worlds eyes with her past run-in's with the law and recent suicide attempt (absolutely zilch credibility) and still lose and then go out and OD on more drugs, or does she take the money and run?

      I think she will take the money and run!



    • Yes dim, we all know who he is. He is a figment of your imagination! you poor bastard.

    • the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 Jul 22, 2003 9:45 AM Flag

      Yep and it is also possible that it will snow in Miami today too.



    • Don't worry, Slim, I think I'm finally learning from you. Let me take a stab at the following comment from Calypso_Pony:

      Pony>>"SLIME, you MORON, what you fail to realize is that this is a criminal matter NOT a civil matter and she cannot be "bought off".
      She can be forced to testify or possibly go to jail herself."

      Me>>You ROOKIE! Don't you know that the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution protects victims from being forced to testify in criminal trials!!! The victim and all of the other peon losers will strike a deal with Kobe and take the money and run, leaving the DA with no witnesses!! Sheez, some people are sooo stupid!

      Is that pretty accurate? Did I do good, professor?

      Waiting and Hoping

    • I have no idea if they will win the case, as I have no clue what the actual evidence is, but they could certainly try the case even without her testimony. There are forms of evidence other than direct testimony, so yes, it is entirely possible that they will still try the case, but I would think they would have a much better chance of success if they got her to testify before a jury AND her claims are credible. In any event, that has nothing to do with the question I posed to you (you seem to be confusing criminal cases with civil cases). In FACT, you haven't answered a SINGLE question yet! You, sir, are no gentleman!

    • SLIME, you MORON, what you fail to realize is that this is a criminal matter NOT a civil matter and she cannot be "bought off".

      She can be forced to testify or possibly go to jail herself.

      ONLY the DA (or judge) can drop the charges and you can rest assured that during the two weeks the DA took before bringing the charges that he anticipated every move and has plenty of evidence and testimony to present.

    • the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 the_real_slim_shady_rules2001 Jul 21, 2003 10:11 AM Flag

      Let me put it to you this way YOU ROOKIE, if she refuses to take the stand the DA has no case! Are you going to tell me they will win the case if she doesnt take the stand? huh? YOU ROOKIE!

      Watch and Learn



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