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  • c_h_a_r_t_n_y c_h_a_r_t_n_y Mar 31, 2006 12:52 PM Flag


    FirstCall/ -- Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. MMP and Magellan Midstream Holdings, L.P. MGG plan to announce financial results for first-quarter 2006 before the market opens on Fri., April 28. Management will discuss earnings at 1:30 p.m. Eastern the same day during a conference call with analysts.


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    • Thanks to you posters for your thoughtful remarks. Believe me the advice is taken to heart. In the process of downsizing from a big house to a much smaller one, plus building a new office plus seeing patients every day -I don't need the stress of worrying about my retirement investments bouncing up and down like a yo-yo. Think that is why these MLPs seem like a proper long term investment. Regards Cow

    • Re to:factoids
      "FPG, along with APU, NRGY, SGU and SPH, are in what I call the propane sector - CHARTNY calls it the retail sector."

      Guess I lump them in one boat and likely is not fair but makes things simple in my thinking. Like SGU you mentioned.

      Seasonal business, seasonal borrowing, competition is not difficult, and a shrinking marketplace. All do not make me feel good about the arena.

      Today just read MMP annual report. That makes me feel like good. I recognize they are painting a PR picture, but it is logical.

      I like growth if you did not notice.
      I could repeat but that is just, OK.

      Have a nice investing evening.


      ps "feeling" here is not emotional, just logical in my little world. Emotions are the enemy of investing.

    • cow4rye wrote: "I would appreciate the opinion . . . on [FGP]."

      FPG, along with APU, NRGY, SGU and SPH, are in what I call the propane sector - CHARTNY calls it the retail sector. I see the sector as having higher risk, higher current return and lower prospects for distribution growth.

      I look at what has happened to SGU in 2004 and wonder if I would have known enough to keep away from that one - - if I were a yield hog. So while it may not be logical to condem the whole sector over the performance one or two stocks [SPH has fallen hard since mid 2005] - if it helps me sleep better at night, then it does not have to be logical.

      Even if I were yield-crazy and wanted to be in that sector, I would go with NRGY.

      And if I wanted an MLP in another sector outside of 'midstream', I would probably go with the coal sector . . but I do not follow ARLP or NRP and would not have a suggestion there.

      There are enough good midstream MLPs [APU, BPL, BWP, CPNO, EPD, ETP, KMP, MMP, PAA, SXL] that one can get diversification 'within' the sector. Just keep your holdings in MLPs under 15% to limit your risks. But that suggestion is coming from someone who is really devoted to diversification. And I am unfortunately inviting the wrath of the big MLP fans for even repeating that suggestion - that MLP exposure should be limited. But let's not have discussion again.

    • I own all 4, If I exit FGP will take a small loss but not a killer. This individual really sounded like a disgruntled employee, but there may be truth in his postings. At 69 and still working I feel more comforable in MLPs that are in a positive mode. Always appreciate your helpful posts.

    • Re to:cow4
      "It appearsthat an employee is really bashing the company."

      Be watchful of following bashing posters:

      Fax to: John Casale
      New York Stock Exchange

      From: James Glickenhaus

      Re.: The recent decline of Enterra Energy (ENT)

      Dear John:

      I am writing to you because it has recently come to our attention
      that someone posted a message on a Yahoo Message Board stating that we
      were selling our position in ENT. This is absolutely untrue, and in
      our opinion, a deliberate attempt to manipulate the price of ENT.
      Not only have we not sold our position, but we have actively been
      buying it over the past few days. In addition to notifying you, we are
      also notifying the NY State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, as it is
      our opinion that someone has used the Yahoo Message Board to
      disseminate untrue information. We believe that this should be treated
      as a criminal matter.
      I am attaching a copy of one item we found on the Yahoo Message
      Board, and would appreciate your department conducting an
      investigation into the matter.
      As of last night, Glickenhaus & Co. owned, both for itself and
      clients, 2,631,363 publicly traded trust units, and 500,000 restricted
      trust units of ENT, bringing our total trust units to 3,131,363, an
      increase from our December 31st 13F filing of 368,145 trust units. As
      of December 31st, we owned 2,263,218 publicly traded and 500,000
      restricted trust units, totaling 2,763,218 trust units, and on
      September 30th we owned 2,143,186 publicly traded and 500,000
      restricted trust units, totaling 2,643,186 trust units. Our 13F
      filings showed an increase of 120,032 trust units from 9/30 to 12/31,
      not a decrease of 379,000 trust units.


    • Re to cow
      FPG is typical no growth. (assume you ment FGP and not FPG
      Unit price +3% in 8 years.
      Distribution $.50 per Q for 8 years.

      If one is inclined to that, no problem.

      But total return for 8 years:
      FGP +131%
      EPD +305%
      KMP +355%
      ETP +579%

      And I use early 1998 as a start because:
      Go back more and you do not have many to compare. Then late 1998 we had a market crash. then a bubble, then a crash in 2000. Start April of 1998 and the starting point is in a more normal market.

      Happy investing.


    • Got it to work on my home computer. I would appreciate the opinion of you, Chartny and Factoids on FPG. It appearsthat an employee is really bashing the company. The distilled version is company is neglecting up keep on assets and in effect cannibalizing the company to maintain level of distribution [.50] .

    • Sounds like something's going wrong with Yahoo. It's supposed to show you a word that you fill in obviously. Hopefully if you try later it'll work.

    • At the bottom of the page it asks for word verifcation but there is a blank box. Where do I go from there. No response when I hit 'click here"

    • Image? It's just a Yahoo group so I don't know why you'd have problems. Let me know if you don't get it worked out and I'll look into it.

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