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  • ake05bono ake05bono Apr 1, 2014 9:09 AM Flag

    New Business Direction for Magellan

    It's really neat to see Magellan trying yet another new business area. Recall that Magellan was strictly in refined product pipelines,storage tanks,and terminals...then came the move into crude oil pipelines and storage. Yet both are similar in that they are passive in nature ie there is no processing involved...So now Magellan is making a big leap forward IMO by adding a big processing unit, the condensate splitter, at its' Corpus Christie facility. Sure, storage and pipelines are part of the deal. However, building and running a processing unit is a bold change for Magellan. Note the timing too: Second half of 2016 commercialization. What this means is another jump in DCF after the contributions in DCF from the Longhorn expansion in 2014 and BridgeTex in 2015. This is mgmt planning/execution at its' best. I see no reason that Magellan will not be over $100/unit in 2017.

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    • God I really wished I had money when I hired on with Magellan back in 2008. :(

    • Hach.I have made a statement recently that the next stage of the mlp revolution is exactly what you surmise. First it was pipes-then it was oil-then NGLS-then and presently EXPORT as new docks,splitters are presently being planned and built.

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      • Nymarv: you are absolutely "Right On"...what the WH doesn't understand is that the USA GC refining complex is a National Treasure that should be strengthened with Keystone and everything else we can do as a country. You going to build a refinery in Venzuela,Argentina,Nigeria, or anywhere in between? And there hasn't been a new refinery built in the USA in 30 years...sort of like the USA nuclear industry after three mile island. Just ship us your crude, and we will export all the gas,diesel, etc etc that you need from the Gulf Coast. It's an opportunity for jobs,growth that you don't get a chance at too often..I buy my fruits,fish at Costco coming from South America knowing that gas,propane, diesel are being bought from us. My units in Targa,OilT, MMP, DPM et al are gearing up for the New Petroleum Age as well. One intriguing. Play I'm keeping an eye on is just what is going to happen in Mexico across the Rio Grande from the Eagle Ford can't tell me that the oil and natural gas run out at the US Border. It makes a lot of sense just to extend the USA pipes across the border and process the condensate,NG,NGL etc on our GC,too.....

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