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  • rock12077 rock12077 Jan 7, 2003 9:29 AM Flag

    In the most recent Barrons p.29........

    read the same article, i think that mario is doing the right thing. Why fight for HOOV if he is even or up a bit on it? my guess is that with this economy looking like it may get a bit better rather than worse why sell now? I got screwed like this once before with PRodigy communications, when the were bought by SBC, their buisness was turning around for the better and before they started to move higher they were bought. Same thing happening here hope we can fight this, i rather see HOOV at $5 for another year with B/S management then give it up now for $7

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    • I have a question.

      If the date of record for voting is Dec 19(?), 2002, that means anyone who sells now retains their voting rights. So if they sell and do not vote, that's a no vote. Can it be assumed that these people who are selling will most likely not vote?