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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Oct 31, 2011 8:38 AM Flag

    Conference Call

    Not good. Heads will roll but interestingly Crista made one reference to IT not running as well as it should, that the Order to Cash program suffered delays in invoicing certain clients. Gee, sounds like that good cheap program code written in India just is not working so well, as many American firms find when they outsource to India.

    Not good Greg, Workforce reductions coming folks.

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    • You should really blame Steve Betts for the mess of AonHewitt losing clients, as well as Greg Case. They basically have turned a blind eye to all the waste and mismanagement of IT.

      The IT department has been a ‘titanic’ the last few years and gotten worse since AON bought them. There are “reorganizations” every 3 weeks and they just promote the same people up the ladder, even adding new positions for them. Most managers only have 3 people reporting to them. There were 4 layers of managers between the worker-bees and the IT CIO a year ago, now there are 7 layers. They just hired back one of their ‘good ole boys’ and made a new position for him, guess his severance costs didn’t matter to Hewitt. Some IT infrastructure managers got 2 promotions in the last 6 months. These were entry-level IT people a few years ago, no master’s degrees, no MBA, no experience in management, who got promoted up the chain due to the ‘boy’s club’.

      No manager is held accountable or responsible in IT, they just aren’t !! They just keep giving themselves salary increases (mid-6 figures) and bonuses of 20% or more. The actual technical people suffer by working 60 hr weeks and no raises for 2 years. One horrendous manager was demoted since he lost $500K of Hewitt’s money, and now is back to being a manager. Of course, 3 of his DBA’s gave notice a month ago. These IT managers don’t have goals and don’t really have to report to anyone. Clients are leaving left and right due to the IT department and no one cares.

      The IT managers realy don’t care that their losing clients. The home-grown tools are all broken, they don’t care that application staff can’t do their jobs. Money is lost left and right due to upgrades not going in and losing money on extended contracts for unsupported software. They’ve lost Verizon, UPS, Disney, Halliburton and the famous Office of Professional Management in the last few yrs ago. . AonHewitt will never be considered for a govt. contract again! Bank of America can’t pass an audit and conversion is a mess. No one cares that the IT department is led by the boy’s club and being run into the ground. The Titanic has landed on the seafloor and the LIGHTS are OFF!! Take your money and run, sell, sell,sell….
      ps. HR will delete this as soon as they can

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      • A big problem with Aon and IT, and many American firms in general, is that it is viewed as an EXPENSE line item only, and something that anybody in Bangalore can do just as well as a higher paid American worker. Well, IT is now crucial, central to American business and if it does not work well, your firm will not work well and therein follows everything bad. But to the McKinsey mindset, outsource everything and at $2 an hour you get a great bargain.

        Sad, so sad.

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