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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Nov 4, 2011 10:38 PM Flag

    Conference Call

    A big problem with Aon and IT, and many American firms in general, is that it is viewed as an EXPENSE line item only, and something that anybody in Bangalore can do just as well as a higher paid American worker. Well, IT is now crucial, central to American business and if it does not work well, your firm will not work well and therein follows everything bad. But to the McKinsey mindset, outsource everything and at $2 an hour you get a great bargain.

    Sad, so sad.

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    • Based upon the performance of many domestic IT departments, penguins in Liberia could do a better job.

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      • Don't denegrate penguins sir. OPUS was a penguin. (Hat tip to the lost Bloom County).

        Problem is that there are not MANY DOMESTIC IT departments anymore. FEW, sometimes a firm will bring IT back in-house after they learn that Bangalore is a fool's game, but not as much as needed. IBM is gutting the domestic workforce too. So Aon is not unique really. Just farm it all out according to McKinsey and save money which increases shareholder value, doesn't it?? Hmmm, better look at the stock price again.

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