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  • aonacscritic aonacscritic Dec 20, 2011 2:55 PM Flag

    Aon paying $16.3M in "alleged" bribery settlements

    For Aon, the key word being "alleged".

    I wonder how Greg Case will explain this one. Will it be like the $10.5M they paid to settle the "alleged" employee misclassification lawsuit in California (never admitting any wrongdoing of course)?

    Or will Case hope that nobody notices this "alleged" bribery settlement? the way, do a search for Aon and bribery - they seem to have a history of being charged with "alleged" bribery.

    Go figure.....

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    • Notice that the shills for Case and Crista are very very silent on this one!!! GO GREG has yet to appear here. Hmmmm, wonder if the McKinsey wonderboy ain't so wonderful anymore. But then again they don't care so long as shareholder value goes UP UP UP. Hmmm, ain't happenning either.

    • To be fair, this is really a ryan era problem. So is the employee classification stuff with the csbu. Aon was a $%^& organization since long before case. He's just the super high-paid consultant who has managed to accomplish remarkably little for the shareholders in 5+ years. Clearly, ryan era management was really negligent. All the cuts and outsourcing and all that since then and the stock is still only a few bucks higher than it was soon after ryan left. It was in the low 20s in early 2005. It shot up to about 42 by around the beginning of 2006. Now it's in the mid 40s. The dividend sucks. I don't really care about that other than you'd think there'd be a bigger difference in results between the super-geniuses of mckinsey and the sub-retards of the insurance brokerage community. Maybe the mckinsey guys need to get better at corruption.

    • Also never heard Case or Crista mention the "savings" that CSC was supposed to deliver from the 2004 agreement: $600 million to deliver $300 million over the life of the contract which was seven years. (CSC charged $200 million in year one by the way).

      Nope, not a word. Was the contract renewed? Nope, not a word on that either.

      How goes Verizon with their borderless network? And is Decision One still retained in-house?

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