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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Mar 24, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Lombard Street - Pass it on

    For the fun of it, I searched YouTube earlier for Pass it on material and there is one of the most useless wastes of time for an executive. Famous Lombard Street in San Francisco, an executive at top takes the famous soccer ball and with great fanfare rolls it down the street, bouncing from side to side as it makes it's way to the bottom where another executive picks up the ball with great fanfare. Wow, did that enhance the bottom line and increase shareholder value!!!!! Betcha those international clients just started signing on the bottom line on that one. WOW, let's rent a bowling alley next.

    Stupid waste of valuable time.

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    • Ask the employees what they think about it? If I visit my old Aon haunt again, will make sure to do that.

    • I'm wondering just how stupid people can be.

    • Duh it's not about revenue. Gee you really are clueless if you think for a minute putting your name on something is going to generate $$$$.

      Pay attention because you missed the point. Naming rights to anything does not bring in $$$. But it does get your name out there.

      You can't value an intangible asset dummy. And it's not supposed to be either.

      The point flew right over your head. Willis and Citi are not making a dime.

    • I remember the Aon Branding campaign in 1999. They produced about 7 rather well done advertisements for television, actually quite funny and effective. They ran, oh, three weeks. Aon is a B to B company, branding is not what they are after. AON may be great on the ManU shirt but otherwise I do not see it bringing in new revenue. And, gee, New York City was judged an international hub by a major magazine recently too. Why England? And the tax policies there are getting pretty bad? Going to be worse soon.

      I hope the Greg and Crista Magician Mystery call is done, soon, from somewhere nere Picadilly.

    • These McKinsey frauds love to speak the language of metrics. Well show me the metrics of how throwing this money away, to a team that is barely known in the US mega market, and all the associated distraction and expense, has helped the company one bit.

      How much revenue has been added? How much revenue will be added in he next five years? Let's be specific.

      It has hurt the company. It has harmed morale greatly.A million emails trying to justify the error only compound and reinforce it.

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      • Excellent point, one made often by the shills on the board justifying Crista's endless "workfahrce reduuuchsions" - that the deadwood is being fired and that saves money, increases revenue and increases sacred shareholder value.

        Never hear ManU discussed on the quarterly Magical Mystery Show as to how much revenue it has brought in. Never how many clients it has retained? Never how many new prospects are in the pipeline because of either ManU or Pass it on? What the HELL have these moves, ECONOMICALLY, done for Aon??? (Maybe a good way to sell shirts of course, but that is not a money maker).

        What the hell have these brain dead moves DONE economically for Aon??? And if not much, then WHY is Case retaining them??? He fires everybody else that stands in the way of greater profits and reduced expenses.

        How much has Pass it on COST? WHAT are the costs of associating with ManU???

        BTW we are now in London folks, cuts down that expense of getting over to Lloyds doesn't it? No longer have to video conference or FLY across the pond. Nope, open door and walk down to their door. WOW, WHAT A MONEY SAVER THAT IS!!!!!

    • Link to the video?


    • Second thoughts - one part of me, who has visited San Francisco and seen Lombard Street, admits to having always wanted to roll a ball down the thing. In retrospect, this singular act of Pass it on may be just a silly kick. On Lombard Street, I concede the point. The other wish if you are a kid is to skate board down it.

      OK, Aon needs to smile just a bit too. I still think the whole program is a waste of time, don't get me wrong.

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