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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Dec 3, 2012 7:54 PM Flag

    Twas the night before Aon

    In rememberance of the arrival of CSC in 2004.....

    'Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the site
    Not a server was whirring
    Nor a technician in sight

    Every one had been fired
    Without reason or care
    In the hopes that BIG SAVINGS
    soon would be there.

    For some years ago
    When things were quite neat
    A new chairman came in
    And all came to meet.

    To Chicago they came,
    (Where else would they go)
    To see Chairman Greg Case
    Put on his new show.

    Restructure the firm!
    He bellowed quite loud.
    They applauded the move
    … but no one knew how.

    Reduce costs right now
    His orders came fast
    But all knew that Aon
    was swimming in cash.

    Cut people, cut staff.
    Cut payroll - except
    The boys in Chicago
    ( who are always exempt.)

    So they cheered his ideas
    As he rose to depart.
    All thought him quite wise.
    He's McKinsey - he's smart.

    And among the results
    of his gathering that day.
    Was to restructure IT
    Without a seconds delay.

    The technicians were fired.
    Let go in a flash.
    CSC saved their deal.
    With a bundle of cash.

    The Helpdesk was there
    Always ready to serve.
    Reboot your machine!
    For know nothings they were.

    New technicians came in
    All fresh out of school.
    Who thought Windows was keen.
    Rebooting was cool.

    And problems piled up
    As the ticket count rose
    Till nobody did nothing.
    Cause their machines were all froze.

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