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  • jiilive jiilive May 27, 2008 4:08 PM Flag

    Lcut a buy?

    Too much spam on this board, so how about a real conversation on lcut. This company, pathetic as it is and has been is starting too look way too cheap down here. If they earn only half the 2009 estimates the stock could double. I like buying into washout selling and it looks like we are getting close. Any thoughts?

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    • hi guys,

      just found LCUT. several years ago i ran into AKS, priced @ 3+, TIF at 15, POT i think around 12 the list goes on. Did i buy? NO. Did i lose? YES. This might be the right stock/ wrong TIME! Sure we know some are pinched for cash with gasoline/ ect. and WMT is going nice while the rest of stores are slowing. big deal the cycle will turn like it always does and LCUT will be a winner.

      ideas welcome

      my 2 cents

    • LCUT might be worth a dumpster dive here. As long as you realize its a gamble because:
      1. analyst and management estimates are nearly useless because the company is so leveraged that a 1% swing in operating margin causes about a $.25 swing in annual eps.
      2. their debt load would take decades to pay off at their trailing operating earnings (and 2007 wasn't that bad an economy, was it?), and so might be hard to roll over in today's environment.

      As far as a washout, I'm guessing the end of June, when the Russell 2000 index reconstitutes and LCUT is dropped (current estimates are for a minimum necessary market cap of $165M), causing all the index funds tracking this index to sell.

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