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  • billiej195 billiej195 Mar 21, 2008 11:35 AM Flag

    Think Twice About Las Vegas

    "Inspections into all state ambulatory centers are now complete. The governor's office said seven were found to have major infection control problems.

    As more and more people get tested for hepatitis and HIV, the courts are trying to figure out how to handle all of the lawsuits now filed against the clinic that put patients at risk.

    Some 40,000 people were urged to be tested after it was found the clinics regularly reused dirty syringes and vials.

    Read the survey results

    For now, attorneys are setting their sights on the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. They hope a class action lawsuit will be approved against the center. But with problems being found at other centers, the claims from new victims may continue to grow.

    A sea of attorneys filled the court room Thursday. One group representing the former patients of the Endoscopy Center are pushing for a class action lawsuit, grouping all the patients who have tested negative. "


    One should think twice about securing his medical care in Las Vegas. I have lived in Las Vegas off and on since August 1987. The medical care was bad then, and it has become worse.

    Have you seen your Las Vegas physician wash his hands before examining you? This simple task can prevent you from picking up an illness from another patient, which he has examined before you in the office.

    Do you know what the infection rates are at the hospitals in Las Vegas area?

    Do you know what the readmission rates are at the hospitals in the Las Vegas area?

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