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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Oct 31, 2011 12:39 PM Flag

    Good Entry level?


    For completeness for any newer investors ... almost assuredly there will soon be a secondary offering which could cause a push to the $17 area and near $17 would, IMO, be a could entry for a starter position ... and I would always recommend incremental purchases layering in a third position each purchase over a period of time.

    Remember that we will probably have another budget stalemate in a few weeks as well as ongoing EU issues which could drive down US stock prices.


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    • Thanks for the info.

    • Why are you so certain there will be a secondary?

      The EBITDA from this new transaction is about 2x the interest costs of it so they should be able to do exactly what they said in the announcement Friday.

      "B&G Foods expects to fund the acquisition with additional debt and has received financing commitments for senior secured debt financing from Credit Suisse, Barclays Bank PLC and Royal Bank of Canada in an amount sufficient to fund the purchase price and refinance the Company’s existing senior secured credit facilities."

      Best of luck...

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      • If I somehow was so inartful in my wording as to convey a sense that I was CONCERNED their might be a secondary, than let me assure you I am not "concerned" ... I believe its likely and I am hopeful it not only occurs but that it causes a pps dip.

        If such occurs at a low enough level then I will be buying. As to the wording you quoted ... that is standard boilerplate that has has never prevented a company from from a followon secondary. In addition, following BGS's stated goal of lowering debt and strengthening the balance sheet, I believe a secondary makes sense ... splitting the equity/debt to at least 50-50.

        I have followed BGS for the 18 mos pre IPO and have held it since shortly after its IPO. I am very comfortable with BGS management and they are my gold standard for management. Whatever they decide will be based on far more info than available to me and I am secure in the knowledge that, IMO, they will do what's best for the company and the shareholder.

        I do not understand why you seem a bit thin skinned about whether they do a secondary ... and as to price swings, a simple data search will prove out that if one doesn't have any ticker history with the stock.

        Lastly, if my choice words have been inadequate, then I will try it simply to say nothing in my post should be misconstrued as to placing BGS in a negative light.


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