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  • defilip1 Jun 11, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    Still liking

    I was still liking BGS before the recent up-trend and now like it more. I am now up about 125% and have no interest in selling. When they raise the dividend look for it to rise even further. Just my two cents.

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    • Be interesting to see how accretive their more recent acquisitions have been.

    • defilip1 Jul 16, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

      It is now a month after my original post. It would appear that the "good news"... eps increase and possible dividend raise... has been mostly priced in. So there is a magical target in investor's minds that BGS will have to beat. I know not what that target is, but we will find out today.

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      • defilip1 Jul 18, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

        Clearly the "good news" was indeed priced in, and then some. No margical target was achieved, thus a drop. However, it is my understanding that Pirate Brands is yet to show its influence so this next quarter may show its influence in a positive sense. I am still positive overall, although a short term drop would not in any way be unexpected. I am droping my rating from a "stong buy" to a buy. If the drop is significant enough (10 to 15%) I will add to my position.

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      • D1

        What is your opinion on the Q2 CC results..........


      • I would say the market wants a surprise on EPS growth and revenues growth.....

        Zacks consensus estimate for EPS is 43 cent per share......Q1 was 37 cents.
        47 cents EPS would support more price gains

        Zacks also estimates revenue growth 5.87 %
        Last quarter rev growth, YOY, was 8.8 %
        Wenner needs to post better than 10 % to keep stock going

        Maybe one or 2 cents added to the dividend....not much of a story
        given the context of what BGS is providing shareholders with the
        recent acquisitions

        These might be some of the "magical targets?" that most reasonable
        investors have to see......add to these data, info on margin expansion
        beyond Q4 2012 metrics, and BGS price will go higher and tell the market
        that mgmt is positioned to lever the new acquisitions down to the bottom

    • D1 ...... July 15

      Over the past 4 weeks BGS has been on a strong run. At these levels ($35.50)
      does a dividend move really make a difference ?

      Hope for a big EPS beat on Thursday....I think it would have a larger impact on
      BGS price than any news on the dividend. For instance, a div increase from
      29 cents quarterly to 35 cents (a 20.6 % increase) still keeps the dividend yield
      under 4 %..........

      Do you think a 3.94 % dividend pushes the stock over $ 37.00 with a "meet
      estimates" number for either margins or EPS, at these price levels ?

      At an position cost of $ 7.86 for my BGS, I make multiples of ROI from
      stock price moves as compared to dividend about you ?
      In fact, in the past 5 weeks, I have made 6.86 years of annual dividend return
      from BGS stock price gains.

      I look forward to your valuable advice....and insights on future BGS scenarios.

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