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  • beefstu57 beefstu57 Feb 13, 2014 2:33 PM Flag

    Huge sell programs kicking in...

    watch the carnage the last hour here as the overall DOW sells off.

    We should be down $3+ by days end and more pain tomorrow as the DOW drops triple digits.

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    • It's up .44 as I write this. Apparently people saw yesterday's pullback as a buying opportunity.

    • Beefstu

      Sorry man, I think you missed it this time.......thankfully for us long BGS holders ....!!

      But Monday is a new week.....we will all see


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      • Beefstu's first post here was on Jun 4, as far as I can tell, which was right after we had gotten some good acquisition news from Wenner on the company. Beefstu warned us all that the "stock is breaking down badly". Spoken like a true wishful shortie. Unfortunately for Beefstu, his sky is falling warning pretty much exactly marked the bottom because the stock went on to shoot up about 28% over the next month and later topped out around +30% over the next 4 months or so.

        You should know who you are trying to converse with. Check out his past posts. They are all contentious and name calling and devoid of any attempts to exchange civil and educational information with people. You might as well be attempting to pet a scorpion, but good luck. If any of these boards were moderated, he would have gotten banned long ago. He was fairly well behaved here on this board until just recently, although he did not make any attempts to converse about the stock's fundamentals or add anything of substance to any conversations.

    • defilip1 Feb 14, 2014 8:53 AM Flag

      Perhaps so. Not out of the realm of possibilities.

      Sentiment: Buy

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