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  • thrasherterry thrasherterry Feb 11, 2008 10:52 AM Flag

    selling a mall ?

    latest rumor is Century III mall owned by spg is up for sale. not a fire sale apparently but advailable for the right price.
    the mall has Pennys , Macys and Sears.
    thrash man

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    • albert
      again your point excapes me. You quoted someone as i see the quote marks but fail to give credit to whom.(Perhaps you're quoting yourself"
      you bought a "put option" and this is suppose to "prove your sincerity" .
      As rent per ft. has fallen one quarter , your "reasoning " is: this proves they will fall for the next few quarters.
      hate to upset your sincerity but what happens in one quarter doesn't always follow sequentially . Three months is a long time in the economy . Rents are going up . up up.
      i suggest to prove your "sincerity " you take a basic Logic 101 course at the local community college.

    • Trading in the SUVs for new KIAs hardley translates into more disposable income....

    • I don't think most malls sell cars so what does the purchase of your new Kia have to do with SPG?

      From AP this morning...."The increase was led by strong demand for new cars and a big jump in sales at gasoline service stations, which reflected higher pump prices."

      Wow higher gasoline spending.....that's great for malls!

    • Thank you....

      "Vacancy rates rose 0.3 percentage points to 5.8 percent and rent fell 0.4 percent to $40.37 per square foot in the fourth quarter from the third quarter."

      This will continue for the next few quarters (naturally anything can happen but my bet, via my put options, indicate I believe what I say), the question is, when they announce each subsequent quarter, will the stock price already have the bad news actored in, or will they surprose to the downside. If you say they will surprise to the upside, then you have your head in the sand.

    • well Salty
      I'm a nacho man myself so we're on the same page. As i said in an earlier post, if i didn't play the market i'd be a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City.
      Some of us are just addicted to the action.

    • I happen to have a great deal of respect for your posts. They always seemed objective to me.

      I'm always learning......... However, as an X-McKinsey Consultant, my experience has taught me that sometimes being too close to a problem/opportunity is not the best, unless you have a Good Mentor with a fresh pair of eyes.

      Just food for thought...........


    • actually Albert,
      rereading your "post" i fail to see any of your points.
      SPG actually sold Three malls last quarter.
      The salient points here are their debts. You not only want to watch their ffo but their per cent of asset to debt ratio.
      Currently they pay 5.8% interest on fixed rates and %5 on their varable rates.
      The varable should now come down significantly.
      I prefer in the future in responding to my posts if you just say "thank you" .
      Thrash man

    • Did you hear whether SPG wanted a lease back as part of the sale???

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