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  • thrasherterry thrasherterry Jul 24, 2008 4:54 PM Flag

    loading up for the next go around

    do you love this market or what. Kev sells yesterday. Bear tells him to go long... now that was timing...

    and today the market tanks ----
    thats me sitting at the beginning of the line hoping it hits the low 80's again.
    hoping the shorts continue not to see the error of their ways and step into the S*** again. and again and again....
    As they say History repeats itself...
    Trash man

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    • Thanks TM -

      Prospering on my "Trades" into Financials and other new unchartered waters/bargains for me - just about keeps me even. No reservations @ the 4-Seasons for dinner for me.

      There's nothing I can do about the liquidation of some of my very long term "holds", that are currently @ ~ 65% of their "true" value. The fundamentals of these companies are sound - I just need to be patient with those, as I was after 10/87.

      Best To All -


    • Salty
      yes i think you were correct also. Kev was the first and stay with his convictions. He lost so much but in the end he got some of his money back.
      secondly , i can't even afford the chili dog, i am doing left overs. Or i stop over what few friends i have at dinner time .
      Humility is good for the soul but bad for the reputation.
      10% of my private client base have pulled out all their money. Still my spirit is we will see better days.
      if one doesn't buy spg at these prices there is little hope for them. Glad to see you are prospering
      Thrash man

    • Hey TM -

      This coming week should be an interesting one, ONCE AGAIN!!!!

      RE: KEV's foresight... I agree - Read a post of mine.

      I'm very concerned about Financials impacting the overall market again. They still have their problems, and yet Paulson still has $125B up his sleeve to Buy more Bank stock.

      Sorry to hear you can't afford the chili to put on your chili-dog dinners :-):-0


    • Kev
      actually was a prophet before his time. since you posted these post of yesteryears i read back over them.
      If you look at his EARLier posts he was right on finally.
      i commend him. of course he lost his shirt in the months preceed the crash .
      still and all , commendable forsight.
      Thrash man

    • Kev

      alright , no problem. i don't blame anyone for not taking that bet .
      i'll be sailing the Atlantic and be in Bermuda for the next 2 weeks starting Sat.
      this rally looks impressive in the face of all the doom and gloom.
      it looks like Obama and Michale are headed for the white house. Duffy will be happy and all the liberals are jumping up and down.
      Thrash man

    • Sorry, I prefer to remain private. Whoever wins, that person will make enough money anyway via trading. No need for any material exchanges. The terms are clear; it will be clear who wins, and that person will have bragging rights. That is all.

      How ironic that you mention Koolaid for me :)

      - k

    • no question about that. Kev is getting scared now. he's aready hedging.
      its put up or shut up time and we'll see if he is really convicted or simply talk
      i laid the bet in simply.
      Trash man

    • hell , what do i care if you don't post . i wanted a bet of some substance.
      the loser pays for say a bottle of wine. i dont' care. under 20$ $30 . what ever.
      you can send me a private email , under another email address i have and we can agree .
      or you can walk away and i'll not rub it in.
      its crunch time.
      if you don't drink wine i'll send you Koolaid or coke( soda kind) .
      83 or less you win. 83.01 i win. at the close of the market on the last day in August.
      20$ limit.
      yes or no....
      lets settle this.
      Trash man

    • Go ahead, do the work, prove your point and I'll address it. I do not accept IFs and BUTs.

      - k

    • Well, my middle name is Eli :).

      SPG 83 or below by August 31. That's the bet, please confirm so there is no ambiguity.

      Dog is out of bounds. I will promise not to post on this board until Dec 30 if I lose. You can decide your own stake.

      - k

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