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  • thrasherterry thrasherterry Mar 13, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

    Every one that wants Duffy to keep the thread

    if you want to keep the trading day thread OPEN
    that Duffy started posted a message here. perhaps some could help him out on some days. we simply need the title /heading up.
    a number of you all have privatly emailed me but its easier to post one message to all. in addition it keeps the nuts off as most on this thread while they disagree present cogent arguments supporting their views.
    i want Duff's thread to stay.

    thrash man

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    • Considering this economy, IF it jeopardizes/compromises Duff’s employment, quality of work and/or his conscious, then he should be allowed to take sometime off.


      • 2 Replies to saltynacho
      • Salty
        it takes duffy about 1 min to post the original thread. he doesn't have to provide all the info . I'd do it but i have been sleeping in till about 10 am most morning lately
        I even help out a few days the duffer is tied up.
        most everyone would like to see it continue. when i go to post i don't have to start a new thread i just always look for this one.
        meanwhile i waiting for spg to come back IF it ever does.
        I see Simon took a $3 million salery /bonus this year. good for him. its every man for himself in this market and how many on here would not have taken $3mil if they could have.
        remember if you lie your nose will grow.
        Thrash man

      • It gets my vote. It's really helpful tuning in to all the news that's hitting the wires for the day and what is going on in wash/ws throughout the week because this crazy market flips back and forth very violently. You HAVE to keep up with what's going on or it could cost you. I really appreciate the time and effort duff puts in for the thread. It's a great investment tool!!!!


    • It's an AYE from me

    • As I said before:
      No! please don't stop this thread.
      I look here first to get the highlights and market ideas daily.
      I've been reading Duff, Salty, Kev Thrash, Chad and FX posts on their trades since fall and have done a trades based on what they are doing and opinions.
      Many other boards have posters that claim big gains but this is the only spot were guys like TM say "bought 2000 shrs SPG" then we can actually ride along.
      Even if you don't put in as much effort on the news and links keep it going Ken.
      Dan (johnsdp)

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