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  • swillimar swillimar Sep 8, 2010 12:55 PM Flag

    Pensions are DESPERATE for yield

    This is what is propping up REITS with their cash flow and debt forebearance. It makes perfect sense now.

    There will be a price to pay at some point. The best way to get back at the system is to stop feeding it. Only buy what you need. Ignore the latest "gadgets", fads, etc. Laugh at what passes for entertainment on TV. It is all there to continue the illusion.

    More and more people are getting it and the elites are starting to get concerned.

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    • When owning bonds, your security in the case of a BK is a lot less if there's a lot of debt for a given level of assets.

      So obviously the debt of a company with a higher debt to equity ratio is going to be less secure than for a company that has one that is lower.

      Just visualize all the bondholders waving their bonds in the air asking for their share of the assets of a failed company that has little equity vs one that has a large equity cushion.

      But when you get into preferreds, you also take a step back in the line in terms of priority of a claim in the case of BK.

      Should a highly indebted company with a D/E ratio of more than say 4 go BK, I doubt very much that a preferred S/h would get anything.

    • This has nothing to do with pensions- It is all manipulation by investment banks- Check out who owns the shares of iyr, spg, etc. Most pensions have sold out- It is just a ponzi created by the powers that be to manipulate the general public. The yields are horrible on most reits if u even get cash some give u just shares. Educate yourself this is pure manipulation not pensions desperate for yield much better yields in oils, preferred shares, pharma, and junk bonds.

    • <<The best way to get back at the system is to stop feeding it.>>

      People should shop more locally and support their local merchants and strip malls rather than travel greater distances to a regional mall that funnels money outside their local communuities... and even outside of the country.

      And the day may come when people are thankful to have more local services and products that are produced locally better to give the local strip malls some business now in order to encourage this trend.

      This is a theme that will eventually play out out of necessity so better to prepare for it than fight it.


    • Best to use credit unions, cash, avoid banks.
      Keep cash at a minimum in trading accounts, don't feed Wrong Street.
      Store your savings in gold and silver bullion.
      Live frugaly. Prepare for worse times are coming.

    • $52 trillion in debt has peaked..

      the ponzi is ending..

      that means no yield, lots of default and money printing will not help but in effect destroy the middle class...what's left of it.

      this is why ZIRP is required for banks to remain zombie's and not die off and go to hell where belong. lending anyone with a pulse money they could never afford to pay back with interest puts you deep in hell ..Dante's at least.

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