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  • damian661 damian661 Mar 4, 2008 3:46 PM Flag

    Insider selling>insider buying big time

    this company will still be hovering at 4-5 dollars in 3 years,watch
    them tank this week at earnings ,what does it take for people
    to stay away from this company,how many missed qtrs?10 is 10 enough,
    what? just let me know, i love this thing rising it gives me a
    lot more opp to short.

    take a look at last years insider sales,everybody in the company was
    shooting their guns in the air singing yee haaa,some sucker has this
    stock at 22 sell sell sell,not one insider transaction since,few
    option awards but not one purchase by one executive and it is less
    than $1. off its 52 week low,looks like they don't have a lot of
    in a 2 year recovery why would you!!

    I own this crap through options that expire in june,if it was june 2060 i would feel confident of breaking even.

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    • Dont forget that a liberal hillary clinton will become president and outlaw all guns including smith and wessen.

      oh yeah theres obama. But wait, hes liberal anti-gun too.

      mccain to save the day? But wait hes the most liberal conservative. Whats he gonna do. Hell give up guns, muscle cars, support the environment, just so that he can get enough people to support the war. He only cares about the healthcare issue and the war on terror. Hes very liberal on many domestic issues and willing to concede on issues such as gun reform. God help us all. Only god can save smith and wessen.

    • If you were actually getting paid in options you would know how this works. They did right when they sold. They probably are not buying their awarded options becasue it is not a good idea when they are priced really high. That is the special thing about it. If an Exec can not execute his/her options to make money they really feal it in the pocketbook. Do you know where their last options were awarded at. Unless they are backdating them they are probably very out of the money right now. If I am 50 years old I am not going to buy huge out of the money options with my cash if I will be close to dead by the time they are in the money. We are talking about $20 options here. I do not know what their stuff is priced at but sometimes you have to let them go. Even when you own a compnay.

    • Honest to not understand some of the posts. In all fairness, I was not in this stock at its highs....I entered at $5 and immeadiatey started covered calls 30 and 60 days out...its a 10%+ return monthly. Its an ideal stock in this trading range....I hope it stays at $5 for a year and I would not care....much of the downside risk is gone...yes it could and will probably go down to the $4 range after earnings...would not surprise me at all....but as I have said in earlier posts this compnay will be taken private...its just a matter of time...and its a double when that happens and maybe the mean time just keep covering

    • No, it is combined.

      Moving on now...

    • Good of you to bring up insider purchasing/selling. Since that decline from the $22 range, their has been no further selling. I cannot blame insiders for seeing the slowing economy ahead and selling some shares at those prices. They made alot of money. Since the drop, as you stated, there has been no buying either. Insider buying represents no more than institutional buying, unless they know what they aren't supposed to know. How can anyone really tell? That being said, institutional buy/sell has looked better lately. Here is the last ten transactions:


    • the second coming of christ you are need to go back to the cave.

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