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  • dmbinhburg dmbinhburg May 14, 2009 3:55 PM Flag

    SWHC & LAWE Stun Gun?

    Marketdummy... I agree there is a huge liabilty with stun guns but several years ago when LAWE came out with it, their own CEO was shot w/ it to prove it's safe! Not to say it couldn't still kill somebody but that's a lot of confidence to shoot your own CEO. :)

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    • A new product line like a stun gun can provide a continuous source of revenue in those times when gun sales are down. The gun-buying frenzy of the last 6 months is like a bubble that will burst when people are satisfied they have enough weapons to protect themselves and the fears diminish of Obama banning guns. When LAWE first introduced the stun gun a few years ago, it was said to be safer, cheaper and more effective than the TASER. It could be marketed as a safer stun gun and thus appeal to law enforcement agencies, who might be afraid of lawsuits from the TASER. A lawsuit against Taser was dismissed 4 weeks ago; the last time I checked a couple of years ago, Taser was something like 48 for 48 in winning these lawsuits, and most of the more recent ones were just being dismissed as unfounded; sooner or later people will realize they have no chance to win these suits and just stop making them.

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      • One has to remember that the LAWE stun (laser) guns they developed were targeted for the civilian market and Law Enforcement, which they didn't make any in roads, the problem with the product is it is illegal in a lot of states for civilians to posess or use which they found really limited there market.
        I feel the reason for the stock increase is the coming Military contract, if they get it they are going to have to be geared up for mass production almost immediately

    • Agreed, but the CEO wasn't jumped going to his car and probably had a medical before being "shot" in a controlled environment with medical personnel standing by just in case......but most of the thugs ooops, I mean innocent people that will get shot with these will probably be on drugs and/or are not in the best of health etc...etc...and because a lot of cops are sadistic bully's anyway they will shoot the person more than once if given the opportunity and the odds of lawsuits just compound. I was brought up believing if you point a gun at somebody, be prepared to shoot and if you shoot, shoot to kill. jmho

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