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  • marcymartin23 marcymartin23 Dec 18, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    none of you gun lovers can say whty we need assualt weapons

    why do you need an assualt weapon.... is the Boggie man Obama gonna take yer land ??/

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    • No one needs anything accept to sleep eat and poop but just so you get your facts straight here is a little explanation for you

      Modern Sporting Rifle Facts

      The modern sporting rifle, based on the AR-15 platform, is widely misunderstood. Why? Confusion exists because while these rifles may cosmetically look like military rifles, they do not function the same way. Also, groups wanting to ban these rifles have for years purposely or through ignorance spread misinformation about them to aid their cause.

      The National Shooting Sports Foundation asks you to be an informed gun owner and to use the following facts to correct misconceptions about these rifles. Remember, that if AR-15-style modern sporting rifles are banned, your favorite traditional-looking hunting or target shooting semi-automatic firearm could be banned, too.

      AR-15-platform rifles are among the most popular firearms being sold. They are today's modern sporting rifle.

      The AR in "AR-15" rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. "AR" does NOT stand for "assault rifle" or "automatic rifle."

      AR-15-style rifles are NOT "assault weapons" or "assault rifles." An assault rifle is fully automatic -- a machine gun. Automatic firearms have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1934.

      If someone calls an AR-15-style rifle an "assault weapon," he or she either supports banning these firearms or does not understand their function and sporting use, or both. Please correct them. "Assault weapon" is a political term created by California anti-gun legislators to ban some semi-automatic rifles there in the 1980s.

      AR-15-style rifles look like military rifles, such as the M-16, but function like other semi-automatic civilian sporting firearms, firing only one round with each pull of the trigger.

      Versions of modern sporting rifles are legal to own in all 50 states, provided the purchaser passes the mandatory FBI background check required for all retail firearm purchasers.

      Since the 19th century, civilian sporting rifles have evolved from their military predecessors. The modern sporting rifle simply follows that tradition.

      These rifles' accuracy, reliability, ruggedness and versatility serve target shooters and hunters well. They are true all-weather firearms.

      Chamberings include .22, .223 (5.56 x 45mm), 6.8 SPC, .308, .450 Bushmaster and about a dozen others. Upper receivers for pistol calibers such as 9 mm, .40, and .45 are available. There are even .410 shotgun versions.

      These rifles are used for many different types of hunting, from varmint to big game. And they're used for target shooting in the national matches.

      AR-15-style rifles are no more powerful than other hunting rifles of the same caliber and in most cases are chambered in calibers less powerful than common big-game hunting cartridges like the 30-06 Springfield and .300 Win. Mag.

      The AR-15 platform is modular. Owners like being able to affix different "uppers" (the barrel and chamber) to the "lower" (the grip, stock).

      And, they are a lot of fun to shoot!
      Taken from the RGR board Thanks CaptainWho

    • I need one to defend my home and family. And it is none of your business how I chose to live. So stay out of it. Now I will switch it around on you. Alcohol kills 50,000 Americans every year. How can you justify having that glass of wine? Why do you need alcohol?

    • The only things you NEED is food, water, and shelter. Lets ban everything else.

    • I bought an sks for deer hunting, 5-round clip. I did it because it was the least expensive option.

    • Take your social #$%$ politics elsewhere. This is a stock message board you #$%$

      P.S. I'm putting guns (AKA "Freedom") under the tree this year. Ho Ho Ho.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nope. I don't think he is, not yet anyways.

      If you don't want an assault weapon, don't buy one. It's your right. Now, stop trying to take away mine. I don't like sushi, they should ban that. You can get sick and die... Ban sushi now!

    • Actually marcymartin23, your statement and line of thought is flawed. "Assault weapon" is only a term coined by gun control advocates. Knowing that they couldn't get legislation on all guns from the start, they came up with the phrase "assault weapon" because of it's menacing name. They figured ignorant people who do no common sense investigation of their own would hear the term assault weapons from the media and think negative thoughts. Thus, assault weapon was a phrase designed to go after certain guns *first. The reality is, ALL guns are weapons designed to neutralize a target. Just like a knife is designed to cut. Is it fair to call a machete an "assault knife" when it is designed to cut thick shrub but is used in many killings around the world? I have news for you Marcy, a tiny .22 caliber gun and an AR 15 are both designed to shoot a target. If you are against the ridiculously termed "assault rifles", then you are actually stating that ALL other guns are NOT assault weapons. And if that is the case, then liberal democrats should have no problem ever with all other guns since only high-powered weapons are termed "assault rifles". And since the Sandy Hook shooter had 2 other pistols in his possession, then the President should be relieved, that out of all the choices the shooter had, he only carried 1 "assault weapon" - the Bushmaster.

      And marcy, many criminals wear body armor. Therefore, your "normal non-assault-weapons" would be incapable of piercing this armor. Oh yes, and one more you need a car? How about scrap-bookin materials? Or fertilizer???? Is the boogy man gonna come kick you out of your home because your lawn isn't green enough? Probably not. But at the end of the day, all of these things are a choice. The 2 most deadly attacks in recent history were accomplished with fertilizer and car, and box-cutters.------The Oklahoma City bombing and 911. Wake up marcy. Common sense is actually your friend.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Very well said @fd.steve!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Guns could have key locks built into the grip.. When you are away and your kid finds your gun, he can't take it and shoot it or anyone. A gun, like your house and car is something that YOU have to be responsible for and keep locked. S&W already has this technology and for older guns there are cable locks. AR's with keys shouldn't be a problem.

      • Nicely said fd.steve

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • chancellor_of_the_exchequer chancellor_of_the_exchequer Dec 18, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

        Assume the following: the police have been called to a house where one man is located with a pistol. The one man is sayng that he will kill anyone who enters the house, but has not yet fired a shot. Now, the police come---not one, but a dozen. What kind of weapons do you think they are carrying to deal with this one man? Are they carrying just 5-shot revolvers? No. Is one shot from one gun enough to take out the man inside the house? Maybe. But the dozen police are all carrying AR-15s, which are rifles, with magazines each holding 30 bullets. That means that, combined, they have 360 bullets in their guns, with probably more on their person, to deal with one man. Why are they "loaded for bear?" It is because they walk into the house before they deal with the individual there, and each of them wants to walk out when it is over. In other words, it is for self-protection.

        If you are living in a house in a rural area, and an intruder, either alone or with an accomplice, comes into your house at night, and the closest police station is 30 minutes away, what will best serve to protect you and your family from injury or death by the intruders? Obviously, it will be a firearm which has significant firepower and bullets in sufficient number. Does a homeowner have any special shielding which makes him less vulnerable to injury or death than a police officer? Obviously not. Most firearms are bought by civilians to protect themselves and their families from intruders. It has nothing to do with "tak[ing] yer land." It has everyhting to do with being safe in one's own home. There are certain cities in which home invasion by criminals is a regular occurrence. Even if the police are only 2-5 minutes away, the criminal can inflict injury or death in that time period, and after the police arrive, the homeowner and his family find that a line with white chalk is being drawn around their own lifeless bodies. This is a real problem. In Chicago and New York City, which have very stiff gun control laws, homicides by the use of firearms kill hundreds of people every year. If the people who were killed had the ability to shoot the killers before they, themselves, were shot, innocent lives could be saved.

        Unfortunately, 20 small children, and their principal and teachers, were murdered in Connecticut. As horrific as that was, the histrionic rush to take action which does not address the real problem is the knee-jerk reaction of those who do not engage in careful, thoughtful, analytical review before jumping to a "solution" which is based upon a desire to take action, any action, immediately.

        So-called "assault weapons" are not the real problem. Mentally disturbed people, or drug addicts, or criminals, in possession of those weapons---or any weapons---are the actual problem. Deal with the real problem. Let the law-abiding, honest homeowners keep their protection, lest they become victims.

      • Wow you are nuts!

      • Bath School Disaster - worst school killing in history, and still is..

      • It's none of your business to know what I want or need.

      • I am a gun lover,but Iwould not own an asualt rifle.If some one is coming for you that you have to use that gun then you must have done somthing wrong. muat be police or a swat team!!!

      • Good post. She's too cowardly to do anything but thumbs down, if you raise a good argument.

    • You've been taught about modern sporting rifles, but apparently you have a major learning disability. Too cowardly to post directly to the informational posts I have put here?

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      • This is closest thing to the GATLING gun these rebs have seen.. once GWB let the genie out of the bottle it will be very hard to put it back.. you have seen how long it has taken to fix mr 666 economic mess that he and Cheney did from 2001-2008. This is another in a long line of things done for the Corporations benefit.. remember we had FREE TO AIR tv before GWB was in office.. Now 90 percent of us have to pay for TV if you live more then 20 miles from a city.. even just to get the local news. They need them guns cause it makes the average one of them feel more like a man.. even though it takes your hearing from you each time you shoot it... me I am going to go into the hearing aid business and stocks.. in 2 years them people gonna have banner years.. and a pair of hearing aids START AT 1999.00 at most places.. have seen them cost of to 6k.

    • he took a million acres of Oregon, so yeah, that could be of some concern.

    • "assualt" "Boggie man"? "whty"?

      Can you explain why you`re gibbering?

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