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  • cactusamigo cactusamigo Dec 22, 2012 12:56 AM Flag

    Doubt That Bushmaster Was Involved

    Initial reports stated that a "rifle" was found on the back seat of the car driven by the shooter, after he was found dead in the school. Shooter's mother was reported to have legally owned a .40 cal Glock, 9mm Sig Saur pistols, and a Bushmaster semi-auto rifle. Suddenly, the "rifle" found in the back seat of the car transforms into a "shotgun" found in the trunk of her car. No mention of the murdered mother having owned a shotgun, a 4th weapon. Pictures show only three weapons, with all emphasis on the Bushmaster. No shotgun shown in any pictures. Shooter found dead in school with two pistols. Something very fishy going on.

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    • 1. Did Adam Lanza even have a driver's license? Is this the first time he drove a car? Is there any red-light camera footage of his being behind the wheel?

      2. Was it two handguns and an AR15 in the trunk? Four handguns + AR15 and a shotgun in the trunk? Were the handguns used at all? Why all the mixed messages about this?

      3. Is there video of his entering the school? In that video, what is he wearing? What gun is he holding? How is he bringing so much ammunition with him?

      4. What about the guys arrested in the woods - the ones that are "proned out" in the audio of the first responders? What happened to them?

      5. If Ryan hadn't seen Adam in so long, how did Adam get his ID?

      6. What connection was there between Mrs. Lanza and the school?

      7. Which gun was used to shoot his mother? Did he really shoot his mother several times in the face?

      8. Did anyone who witnessed an actual shooting live? How did they describe the gunman?

    • It was reported that each body was shot 3 - 11 times, indicating that somewhere around 150 shots were fired. That would require a considerable amount of magazines, since it was implied that the firing was continuous, without any pauses to reload. No media accounting of the number and types of magazines used by the killer.

    • Reportedly the gun was a ruger mini30

      Sentiment: Buy

    • There's stink in every nook and cranny of every report on this event...

      None of that will make a difference in the eyes the panty waisted media.

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      • There are a lot of things and information that was not stated by the Coroner in the press relese, firast: how many shell casings were recovered from the immediate scene? what caliber were they? were all of the bodies x-rayed before the post?.

        It may be hard to determine how many shots were fired, only the expended shell casings is going to tell that, many of the children may have had mulitple wounds which could ver well be caused by the rounds passing through one victim and hitting another victim, it was not a good news briefing by the coroner and left a lot of unanswered questions, I have spent 28 yrs in LE and 13 yrs as a homicide investigator, these are the questions and information I would want to know from the coroner.

      • Weren't the initial reports of 2 shooters, not 1? How do you get something like that wrong? Some of the police scanner audio is encrypted. I don't know if THAT is standard police procedure.

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