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  • captainwho2 captainwho2 Dec 26, 2012 7:11 PM Flag

    Liberal Rag Newspaper in NY prints names and addresses of legal gun permit holders.

    trying repeatedly to post this but yahoo keeps blocking me.

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    • Since obtaining a handgun permit in New York State is very difficult, what this newspaper actually did was put out a list of the most upstanding citizens with no criminal record or history of mental illness. If their intent was to scare the neighbors of these people it should have just the opposite effect.

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      • Paper trails will come back around on you every time. Technology has made it so easy for people to get ANY info. that you thought they had no access to. Nothing sacred. If you signed it, it's out there!!! Gun purchases as well as carry permits are treasure maps for thugs. And you have the treasure. He's right, targets for criminals. Try and steal guns if you have them. Rob you if you don't have them. Win,Win for the criminals. Think twice before you throw your signature around so much. Just Common sense, just give it out when you have to. Don't invite trouble.

    • published online (not printed)

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      • There is a lawyer for all sorts of lawsuits. Usually I saw give me a break over the silly ones. This is a serious infringement on gun owners rights, and inviting criminals to these houses if they want guns. I hope they get shot while breaking into these homes.
        Anyway on the lawsuit- I hope some lawyer picks this up and sues the heck out of the paper.

      • Sad but true. These documents are public information. Thieves can find this out on their own if they care to take the time to do it. There are people that get their "kicks" out of looking up other folks criminal records, traffic records, property taxes, divorce, death and birth records. It is all out there. And in many places. Not a crime to request this information. Very easy to obtain if you want to nose around. People that search in other folks business,need to get a life. Everyone worries about their SS number that can be gotten as easy as a telephone number or address. It is not just big brother watching. It is neighbors,bosses and yes, even your friends. After all these "nosy rosies" see how upsetting posting this gun info is making us........probably be more.

      • Thanks Captain...found the report, and this looks to be explosive. Replies to the article bear out that "non-gun" homes become more of a target by criminals. That rag may be publishing more NY counties also. Pretty dumb move by that rag. I urge others to Google and read that article.

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