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  • marcymartin23 marcymartin23 Jan 14, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    bann assault weapons ...and make them a criminal offence to own

    now!!!! no need in modern society

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    • YES that is BRILLIANT!!!! I am sure all the criminals will then stop committing violent crimes if we ban assault weapons. Because all shootings were committed by law abiding citizens and there legal assault weapons. You are truly uninformed and drinking the government kool aide.You should research before you make comments and stop listening to the press. They fail to talk about all the situations where someones life was saved because they or someone else had a weapon to defend themselves with.

      Any weapon you use to assault someone is technically an assault weapon. So do you suggest the government ban everything?

      Assault weapons are used in about ONE-FIFTH of ONE PERCENT (.20%) of all violent crimes.
      Assault weapons are used in about ONE-FIFTH of ONE PERCENT (.20%) of all violent crimes.

      More mass murders are done by arson than hand guns, much less assault weapons. So are we going to ban fire, matches, flint stones??????

      Did you know that every mass shooting with the exception of Congresswoman Gifford occurred in a place that handguns were banned? Why do you think that is? Maybe because the cowardly idiots that commit these crimes are cowards and do not want to be confronted by someone that could defend themselves.

      Also did you know that more murders were committed by hammers than handguns.

      Here is the true definition of an Assault weapon

      A genuine assault weapon, as opposed to a legal definition, is a hand-held, selective fire weapon, which means it's capable of firing in either an automatic or a semiautomatic mode depending on the position of a selector switch. These kinds of weapons are heavily regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and are further regulated in some states. ( machine guns.) These are already illegal.

      What is happening to our Great Nation and all our freedoms and liberties?

      And for the record, I do not own any so called assault weapons. But I think everyone should have the right to if they want to.

    • Marcy, maybe the reason people call you names is because you don't contribute anything to this board. This is not an firearm debate forum, although I will admit, it has become one. Please talk about guns in the context of SWHC. If you feel strongly about this, maybe your opinions would be better recieved somewhere else. It's a big internet and I'm sure someone out there wants to hear your ideas, but its not us. Lets try to make this a constructive board once again...I'm sorry but we're letting you go.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hey, it going to happen, its never going to happen, you need to kill 8 mill militia first, and then the rest of the gun owners, we will never give them in. also he does anything, i promise the feds agents that come to Indian and Wyoming will be arrested on site for criminal felony. Your a load mouth communist. Do lets have a war, you will like that, but wait you dont have a gun do you, to protect your home from roaming gangs when it starts.

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